How Pole Vaulter Carson Waters Uses Leela Quantum Tech to Excel in His Sport

Pole Vaulter

Pole vaulting is not only a physically demanding sport, but it also requires a great deal of mental strength and focus. A top athlete in the field, Carson Waters, shares one of his his secrets – integrating Leela Quantum Tech in his daily life. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into Carson’s experience with […]

EMF Neutralization: The Key to Stress-Free Living

woman stressed in front of computer

Are Your Devices Stressing You Out & Is EMF Protection The Answer?  © Antonio_Diaz via Getty Images There’s no denying that technology makes our lives easier. Today, most electronics or screens are ubiquitous so you expect to spend a significant amount of your day in close proximity to electronic devices. The problem: these devices have […]

The Benefits of Yoga: How It Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Yoga class

Yoga is a form of movement routine that combines cardiovascular exercise and strength. Some types of yoga entail fast-paced flows, whereas others require more relaxed movement.  Regardless of the form you routinely practice, yoga provides numerous mental health and physical advantages. This post looks at the benefits of yoga. Mental Benefits of Yoga  Helps with stress […]

Biohacking Your Environment: How to Minimize EMF Exposure

Woman Using Mobile Phone in Bed at Night

Though beneficial, the continuous advancement of technology comes with its fair share of downsides, the top among them being EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Read on to learn what electromagnetic fields are, their harm to our bodies, and how to minimize EMF exposure. What are EMFs? The term EMF refers to invisible electricity clouds surrounding electrically charged […]

Why Your Mind Matters: 3 Scientifically Accepted Mind-Body Connections

Mind concept

The science behind mind-body connections  Sometimes called “supercomputer” or “the body’s top command center,” the brain is a complex yet remarkable organ. However, it isn’t an independent machine working separately from the body; the two are intertwined. Scientific research proves that neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) and hormones associated with emotions also have physical effects. Consequently, they […]

Ease the Stress of Modern Day Lifestyles

woman sitting near a laptop and holding a phone in her hands

Many modern-day lifestyle activities, like long working hours and continuous social media use, can lead to stress. If unchecked, the pressures can cause severe mental and physical conditions. While some forms of technology can cause stress, others can help reduce or eradicate it. If you are suffering from anxiety or stress, keep reading, for in […]

5 Unhealthy Habits that are Impeding Your Energy & How to Shift Them

Woman Leaning on Table

Energy can seem like a new buzzword but people are becoming much more aware of how different aspects of your life can positively and negatively impact your energy. Are these energy drains in the mental, emotional, or physical parts of your life? While we are still expanding our understanding of energy there is the electronic […]

How To Harmonize Your Environment From EMFs

Close up of a woman using her phone a home

We live in a digitized world where almost all our devices are wireless, from phones to laptops, speakers, and more. While this is beneficial, it can also have serious health side effects due to the increased EMF exposure produced by wireless devices. This post looks at ways to harmonize EMFs from your environment and live […]

7 Ways to Maximize Your Energy

Feeling constantly drained and finding it hard to keep your eyes open during the day? You might be suffering from fatigue.  Fortunately, you can take plenty of healthy steps to lessen fatigue, enhance energy levels and improve your overall well-being. This post looks at seven ways to maximize your energy naturally. 1. Sleep more  Often […]

How Your Plants and Trees Are Affected By EMFs (and How To Fix It)

The world around us is filled with electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). These EMFs come from numerous sources, affecting our plants, from earth to air. Here’s how EMFs affect plants, tips to remove EMFs, and simple ways to protect your plants. Effects of EMFs on Plants and Trees Physical Damage on Trees In 2015, a group of […]