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5 Unhealthy Habits that are Impeding Your Energy & How to Shift Them

Energy can seem like a new buzzword but people are becoming much more aware of how different aspects of your life can positively and negatively impact your energy. Are these energy drains in the mental, emotional, or physical parts of your life? While we are still expanding our understanding of energy there is the electronic field in your body you can feel. 

As living things, we need energy to live. There are the basics of consuming calories to be able to function throughout the day. Sunlight and water can help boost our energy while different habits can leave us feeling fatigued, distracted, or unfocused. There are countless habits that can be actively or passively sapping your energy. 

Obligations in our work, social, and love lives, can add unnecessary pressures that can take their toll on our mental and emotional health. Not to mention, there are countless parts of our diets, homes, and everyday lives that affect our physical health and energy levels. 

What you choose to do everyday matters. What makes habits problematic is they can often be unconscious. They become a part of your everyday life and you may not realize they shape who you are as a person. It’s easy to miss the subtle incremental changes and the collective effects of your day-to-day habits.  

We are what we do. If you choose to regularly exercise or remain sedentary, take supplements or smoke cigarettes, these small unconscious choices build-up over time and impact your energy. What takes seconds or minutes out of your day can be easily overlooked until you notice their impact.  

This is true at a chemical level as much as it is true on a cellular level. Your day-to-day actions matter— from the food you eat to your thought patterns to the way you move. What you choose to do everyday matters. You are the sum of your habits, here are some that may be sapping your energy. 

1. Multitasking 

In our ambitious society it’s easy to try and do it all. You may feel like you can get so much more done by multitasking. However, multitasking can actually be a drain on your energy and actually make tasks take more time. Multiple studies have found that while you may think you’re being more efficient, multitasking actually forces tasks to take longer overall.  

There is a cognitive cost to switching tasks and this brain drain is caused by your mind having to switch gears. When switching tasks, your brain has to adjust each time in establishing the goals of the task and swapping the rules associated with the task itself. This mental shift takes energy, pulls focus, and ultimately wastes time. 

While the rush of trying to complete multiple tasks might make you feel more effective, ultimately, multitasking is a drain on your time, focus, and energy. Instead, consider prioritizing your goals and put your efficiency towards organizing your tasks in a way that lets you complete them more rapidly rather than combining them.

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2. Dehydration

Given high salt diets and busy schedules, many people can be walking around with chronic dehydration. Letting your hydration levels drop can not only have health ramifications, it can impact your energy levels. While it may not seem like a habit this unconscious dehydration can sap you of your vigor and impact your health. 

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration can not only cause fatigue, it can lead to shorter sleep time, poor concentration, and affect cognition in both men and women. This will have a negative impact on your energy throughout your day, not to mention take a toll on your body. 

The human body is mostly water and we require proper hydration levels for our body to function. Consider carrying a water bottle throughout the day to seamlessly incorporate hydration into your day. 

The Leela Quantum Water Bottle will not only help you stay hydrated, it charges your water with quantum energy which can protect your body from EMFs and boost your body’s overall energy.  The quantum energy of this water bottle harmonizes the molecules of your water which can not only aid in absorption but also boost your mood and performance. 

The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto has explored the nature of water and energy. His study into the power of intention on water shifted how we look at our relationship to water. The Emoto Institute has tested the Leela Quantum Water Bottle and found that it optimizes the water which makes it easier to engage with your body and better serve you.

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3. Closet Addictions 

What’s sneaky about habits is they are not always conscious. Do you regularly have a second cup of coffee or go to happy hour three times a week? Do you regularly binge-watch television each weekend or spend too much time online shopping? 

We all have behaviors that may not be the best for us.  Many of these substances, behaviors, or distractions can be addictions that we may not realize until it’s too late. We often do not notice these subtle addictions until we notice an impact on our bank account, or, worse, our health. 

On the surface they may be a brief escape or treat to get you through the week but that boost of endorphins might ultimately impact your overall energy. After all, the more money you spend shopping the more you’ll ultimately have to work. The more you rely on stimulants or substances to keep you active may end up causing a negative impact on your health.  

Consider being honest with yourself from a health, financial, and time management perspective on the gain and drain of your behaviors. Taking this time can help you find a healthy conscious relationship with what you’re doing so you can truly get the most out of it rather than an unconscious one where you are on auto-pilot and risking your health.  

4. Low Vibrational Relationships

Relationships are complicated. However, some can take a toll on us we don’t even realize. We can become attracted to relationships that bring drama, turmoil, or toxicity that affect our time, emotional health, and ultimately our energy. 

The issue with these relationships is not just that they can be an energy drain, they can be our unconscious mind reliving patterns from our past. We can often unconsciously attract toxic relationships because they remind us of our past or keep us in a heightened emotional state. We may not realize that these relationships are ultimately sapping our energy because they feel so familiar. 

The work of Dr. David R Hawkins helped establish an emotional scale for the energetic or vibrational level of our emotions. He believed certain emotions corresponded to different levels of consciousness. With books like Power vs.Force, Hawkins explored how different emotions resonate at a different energetic level. 

Emotions that keep us in lower vibrationals like fear, guilt, shame or anger will not only impede our growth but keep us from realizing our full energetic potential. Rather than spending time and energy chasing relationships or accommodating drama, look at the relationships that leave you feeling inspired and energized. In the same way you would eliminate behaviors as habits, look at the relationships negatively impacting your mood and energy.

Couple break up
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5. Getting Angry

Hawkins saw anger as a lower-energy emotion. It’s natural to feel anger; however, it can end up in the bad habit column when we let ourselves default to anger. For some, anger can be energizing. It is a natural part of our human experience, but it can also be easy to default to anger rather than healing the underlying emotions that cause that anger. Not to mention many may avoid learning to better manage their anger. 

Social media, traffic, and other people’s actions can lead us to anger that can not only drain our energy but negatively impact our health. Being prone to anger can put your heart at risk, increase your risk of stroke, and weaken your immune system.  

Anger saps your energy because it revs your body up and then you have to work to relax and resume normal function. This is not sustainable and ultimately you do not net a gain. Anger is a natural and sometimes healthy emotion but it can be easy to fall into the trap of letting ourselves get angry rather than address the issues causing our anger. 

Our habits can seem like subtle parts of our day, but they ultimately can lead to our achievement and success or stress and failure. Hopefully, these tips can help you more effectively avoid some of the habits that might be draining you.

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Our habits can seem like subtle parts of our day, but they ultimately can lead to our achievement and success or stress and failure. Hopefully, these tips can help you more effectively avoid some of the habits that might be draining you.


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