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About Leela Quantum Tech®

We Truly Believe People

Can Change Their Lives for the Better

We wake up every day to inspire you to free your potential and share the power of quantum wellness with the world! Leela Quantum Tech’s mission is not only for people, but also the wellbeing of the environment, plants, and animals. 

“I understand how it is to have forgotten who we are, why we are here, and how blocked we can be in regards to remembering and accessing our true inner nature, power, and consciousness.”  – Philipp Samor Von Holtzendorff-Fehling (Founder)

Your energy is your potential. Our mission is to make sure you have the tools you need to achieve optimal well-being.

Bringing Your Life the Golden Quantum Touch!

We named the company Leela, from the ancient Sanskrit word meaning “Divine Play”. This is the theme of our collective intention at LeelaQ: for everyone to live joyful lives of health and abundance. 

You may have noticed our products are golden. We chose this color because of the inherent qualities that gold represents: wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, and a deep understanding of ourselves and our souls.

Untangling Frequencies, EMFs and Quantum Energy? We Are Here to Keep It Simple for You.

Through our elegant, researched and simple-to-use, energy wellness products coupled with our vibrant community, you’ll have everything you need to bring balance to your everyday life, boosting your health and vitality. 

Our community has grown exponentially since we launched in 2020. And the word is spreading about the power of Quantum Wellness as Phillipp and LeelaQ are invited to speak to conferences, and on popular podcasts, to share the impact EMFs and frequencies can have on our health and happiness.

We are here to keep you inspired as you take steps toward a radiant life and invite you to join us and be part of the LeelaQ Community!

A Message From Our Founder

“Hi, I’m Philipp, I’m the founder and CEO at Leela Quantum Tech, I’m also a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer. 

During my business career, I worked as an executive for several well-known companies, including T-Mobile International and T-Mobile US, where I served as Vice President. At this time I constantly worked through blockages and barriers that prevented me from authentically connecting with my true self. With that, I also started to see energy fields and developed my unique skills as a healer, and went through two decades of training in shamanic and other energy wellness practices. 

In my own search for answers, I found other energy products out there, that either offered very weak or no true quantum wellness, and the very few that worked with quantum energy did that with electric or magnetic brute force, which actually adds energetic distress to physiological organisms. 

So I was called inwardly to provide leading-edge products that can improve overall health, wellness, and significant energetic support. Together with a top-notch healer network, I began to develop Leela Quantum Technology, a protocol that works without any brute force, and solely with pure quantum energy.

I’m so honored that this technology is now available for you!”

Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling
Founder and CEO at Leela Quantum Tech

Our Energy Healer Network Takes You to the Forefront of Quantum Wellness

During his journey, Philip met and worked with hundreds of energy healers across the world. The few dedicated healers that are now part of the LeelaQ Energy Healer Network are not only the most capable and exceptional healers he’s met, but these energy healers have also countless clients and have been training thousands of other healers globally. 

It’s the powerful combination of this group of energy healers, and our scientific research that is attracting the attention of biohackers and natural well-being advocates around the world. Discover the ways LeelaQ and our unique quantum collection can become part of your everyday life.

We are a Collective United by a Passion for Wellness and a Love for all Living Beings and the Earth.

At LeelaQ, everything we share is to empower you with the keys and gifts of quantum technology to give you access to its power, and to contribute to advancing the field of wellness and unlocking our collective human potential.

As a gesture toward our planet, with every product we sell we plant a tree with OneTreePlanted. An environmental non-profit on a mission of global reforestation. 

We are also in the early stages of our humanitarian projects, and our first initiative is supporting children in India living with autism.

There's a Lot That We Can Do to Live Longer and Be Healthier

LeelaQ offers a lifestyle that revolves around utilizing technology, science and biology to perform better, work smarter and live happier.

A lifestyle where people are taking control of their well-being.


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