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EMF Neutralization: The Key to Stress-Free Living

Are Your Devices Stressing You Out & Is EMF Protection The Answer? 

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There’s no denying that technology makes our lives easier. Today, most electronics or screens are ubiquitous so you expect to spend a significant amount of your day in close proximity to electronic devices. The problem: these devices have electromagnetic fields that impact the human body. Could the key to ending your stress be as simple as finding the best EMF protection?

Certain technological advancements have changed the shape of history. From the wheel to the car, the typewriter to the computer, and the total history of phones our society is shaped by its technology. However, now more than ever we find ourselves surrounded by devices while paying little mind to EMF and 5g protection. Are these devices the source of our stress? 

What are EMFs?

Anything that functions with electricity creates an EMF or electromagnetic field. These can vary in their frequency and the wavelength of their radiation. Additionally, there’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G. These are all broadcasting energetic frequencies that can impact us on the molecular and even the atomic level. 

EMF radiation is not a cause for intense concern. However, with our growing technological landscape we end up spending much more time with more devices. As we develop more technology and closer relationships to devices like electric cars, tablets, and smart watches, this means more prolonged exposure to more emfs. EMF protection is something to consider for your health. 


What Do EMFs Do?

The general issue with EMFs is that, however subtle, they can have an impact on our bodies. Science has come to an agreement that there are multiple ways that EMFs can impact our body. One simple issue is they create oxidative stress

Part of how human cells die is that they face a certain amount of oxidative stress. This can happen from things on the molecular level impacting cell function. EMFs, fried foods, air pollution and even cigarette smoke release free radicals which increase this stress.  

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These “free radicals” are atoms that are hungry for electrons. They attempt to balance their electron imbalance by taking electrons from an external source like your body’s cells. This can increase aging or your body’s likelihood of developing cancer.

In addition to trying to snag some of your electrons which can make your cells more likely to age, EMFs can also impact our bodies in other ways. For example, some EMF exposure can impact your cell’s membrane affecting their ability to receive nutrients and relieve pressure and eliminate waste. 

The World Health Foundation has officially stated that emfs can be possibly carcinogenic. While EMFs are not directly related to creating cancer in the body, the oxidative stress they create can increase cancer growth in the body.  


Are Our Devices Causing Us Stress?

Besides the obvious risk of diseases like cancer, there is the potential for EMFs to exacerbate the amount of stress we are under. Not to mention how much stress our increased time online can have on our minds and bodies. 

If you’ve ever lost your phone or had it not take a charge you may have felt an intense wave of panic. Our reliance on our phones as part of the dopamine reward system of social media and notifications has increased our reliance on our devices. Everything on our schedule is at war with the neurotransmitter release we get from our devices. After all, we are connected to all the people in our lives and the whole of all information.  This addiction does add to our stress levels and our ability to focus. 

That being said, can EMFs also affect our stress levels? One study found that there’s the potential for a great impact by EMFs onto our emotional state. The study stated: “Increased exposure to ELF-EMF had a direct and significant relation with increased stress, depression, and anxiety. Sleep quality in technicians with the highest exposure was significantly lower than the other groups. This study suggests that long-term occupational exposure to ELF-EMF may lead to depression, stress, anxiety and poor sleep quality.”

So while this does not directly translate to EMFs making you angry it does appear that prolonged EMF exposure can lead to greater physical stress in the form of oxidative stress and affect your mood and sleep quality which can contribute to emotional stress. What is the answer?


How Can We Neutralize EMFs?

EMF protection is not something the average person concerns themselves with but given our reliance on technology it’s a major cause for concern. Part of why an EMF blocker is one of the key healing energy tools or popular in biohacking is how they help your body function at its best. 

We can often assume that if an electronic device has made it to market that it has no negative impact on our health. However, what we may miss is that even with the proper testing, no one may fully examine how we fundamentally end up using our devices. 

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leela quantum bloc

If you binge watch a series using your phone that’s 8 hours of prolonged use.  EMF protection is vital to help you eliminate the impact on your devices. 

Crystals like shungite are renowned for helping to neutralize EMFs and their risk on your body.  

You can also consider creating an area in your home where there’s limited to no electronic devices. This can be the area you sleep or meditate and can allow you some peace of mind away from random ambient radiation. 

Another way to neutralize EMFs and can serve as an EMF blocker for your home is the Leela Quantum Bloc. Not only does it harmonize EMFs and protect against Wi-Fi, 5G and other forms of radiation it also provides access to pure quantum energy. You can use it to charge items. 

In the same way that antioxidants can help combat free radicals, pure quantum energy can help feed those hungry atoms lurking around your home. 



Technology is inevitable. However, we can take the proper steps to arm ourselves with information about how this technology is affecting us. EMFs have become a part of our life but EMF radiation protection is the key to living longer healthier lives despite modern technology. 

Stress, like technology, may be a natural part of life. But what if the source of our stress is our devices. Taking time away from devices and finding proper EMF protection can help combat this effect on our bodies 


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