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How Your Plants and Trees Are Affected By EMFs (and How To Fix It)

The world around us is filled with electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). These EMFs come from numerous sources, affecting our plants, from earth to air. Here’s how EMFs affect plants, tips to remove EMFs, and simple ways to protect your plants.

Effects of EMFs on Plants and Trees

Physical Damage on Trees

In 2015, a group of German researchers conducted a study to determine if trees close to phone towers were negatively impacted by EMFs.

For the study, the researchers picked 120 trees. After lengthy observation, they found that most of the heavily damaged trees were next to cellphone towers.

They also realized the trees had more tears and discolored leaves on the side close to the towers and little to no damage on the other side.

Trees far away from the towers incurred lesser EMF exposure and weren’t affected in any way.

The research proved that though it took time, EMFs will damage trees, from the leaves to the branches downwards.

Windfall in forest. Storm damage.
© bruev via Getty Images

Reduced chlorophyll production 

Plants make their food using photosynthesis, a process heavily reliant on chlorophyll. Chlorophyll enables plants to absorb the sun’s energy and use it to build tissue.

Sufficient chlorophyll production is critical for plants to grow fully; without it, they can’t survive. A study in Romania proved that exposure to electromagnetic radiation gradually lowers a plant’s ability to make chlorophyll.

The researchers exposed black locust plant seedlings (Robinia pseudo acacia) to EMFs for two hours. At first, the seedlings increased their chlorophyll production; however, after some time, it reduced and continued to do so.

Plant Enzyme Alteration

Enzymes are specialized proteins that break down nutrients into small particles to be absorbed by a plant cell wall.

Plants mustn’t have enzyme interference, especially while young. Any alteration will cause unbalanced (pH), change in inner temperature, and enzyme denaturation.

A study in 2014 found that continued EMF exposure altered plant enzymes, reducing their nutrition and causing premature death.

The researchers used Plectranthus plants and exposed them to electromagnetic frequencies similar to a 2G network. They kept the plants 20 centimeters away from the EMF source.

After observation, the researchers concluded that EMFs cause reduced plant enzyme activity.

Lonely and Dying Plant
© Petchjira via Getty Images Signature

Inadequate Growth

Plants usually grow in steps. They start with a sprout containing essential nutrients for the plant’s germination. The sprout later turns into a seedling, then into the vegetative stage, where it grows foliage and stalks.

The plant later moves to the budding phase, growing leaves that form buds, and flowering follows immediately. Over time the plant assumes its final form and starts producing fruits.

During each stage, plants require a healthy environment; they won’t grow properly if polluted.

Research shows that EMF presence in the environment will cause inadequate plant growth.

Lower crop yield

Crops comprise 45% of the world’s agriculture and are vital for our survival. However, experts have found that EMF radiation from network towers and power lines directly impacts crop yield.

The Department of Environmental Research in Austria proved this true after observing that farms away from an EMF source produced 7% more food than those close to a tower.

Person hugging tree
© Franco Fernandez via Getty Images Signature

How to protect your plants from EMFs

Grow EMF-resistant plants

You can grow plants in your garden that can absorb the harmful EMFs from the environment and reduce their effect on your other plants.

They include: 

  • Mustard Greens
  • Asparagus Fern
  • Aloe Vera
  • Stone Lotus Flower
  • Snake Plant
  • Cactus
  • Common sunflower
  • Betel Leaf plant 
  • Spider plant
  • Rubber plants

If you have an extensive garden, it would be better to plant these plants all around and between some plants. You will have protected them from EMFs, which could sip through the outer defense.

Consider using H.E.A.L.® for Plants Card.

Leela Quantum Tech’s H.E.A.L.® for Plants Card contains frequencies designed to support your plants. Whether you place it in planters and pots or use it to tune your garden’s environment, the Card can help restore their vitality.

In addition, the card has molecular nutrient frequencies, which will help with plant growth.

Limit EMF-emitting sources around your environment.

Avoid growing crops in an area with plenty of cell phone towers and other EMF-producing equipment. For instance, instead of planting a tree next to a powerline, you can increase the distance away from it.


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