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Ease the Stress of Modern Day Lifestyles

Many modern-day lifestyle activities, like long working hours and continuous social media use, can lead to stress. If unchecked, the pressures can cause severe mental and physical conditions.

While some forms of technology can cause stress, others can help reduce or eradicate it. If you are suffering from anxiety or stress, keep reading, for in this post, we look at how you can use technology to ease the stress of modern-day lifestyles.

Optimizing sleep 

Sleep is essential for proper brain and heart function; it reduces stress and improves productivity. However, the long work hours and continued screen exposure can immensely affect your sleep pattern.

Avoid screen time before bed, at least one or two hours prior. According to the CDC, blue light from laptops, phones, and other devices negatively impacts a person’s circadian rhythm making it difficult to sleep.

Dr. Shelby Harris – Director of Sleep Health at Sleepopolis mentioned: “Blue light exposure from cell phones, computers, tablets, and TV’s can interfere with your circadian rhythm, making it more difficult for you to fall asleep and worsen your sleep quality.”

You can also enhance your sleep using analysis tools from sleep-tracking apps and smartwatches. They will provide detailed reports on your sleep patterns, which you can use to improve.

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Create a Fitness Routine

To effectively ease the stress of modern-day lifestyles, you need to be physically fit. Exercising improves blood flow and releases endorphins, which help take your mind off stressful thoughts. It also boosts cardiovascular health.

However, most people start fitness routines but need help following through. Fitness trackers and workout apps are handy tools you can use in the process. Some workout apps even come with readymade, simple routines you can try out.

If you prefer exercising from home, AI trainers combined with workout reminders will make the experience more productive and hassle-free.

Similarly, how you eat plays a critical role in ensuring you meet your fitness goals. There are meal planning apps that can enable you to know the exact number of calories you need in a day and how many you should burn.

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Try a Mental Health App

It’s difficult to ease the stress of modern-day lifestyles, especially if you have a mental illness. OCD, depression, and anxiety significantly enhance stress levels and hamper productivity. 

Experts recommend you seek professional help, though it can be costly for most people. 

Fortunately, premium and accessible mental health apps can provide the aid you need at a reasonable price. In addition, these mental health apps, also called telehealth apps, enable you to reach qualified therapists virtually.

Consider getting a virtual assistant

Small repetitive tasks take up lots of your time daily; constantly tracking them can be mentally exhausting. By using a virtual assistant, you can delegate such duties to it, and it will automate them.

You can issue simple instructions to your phone’s virtual assistant. Some of the productivity commands the assistants can handle to free you for more important issues include:

  • Real-time translations
  • Checking the weather forecast before heading out
  • Making hotel and restaurant reservations
  • Calling or texting someone
  • Creating schedules or lists
  • Setting alarms and reminders
  • Deleting and adding events to your calendar

Also, automate home chores using the virtual assistant if you have home devices. For instance, command the assistant to run and stop the robot vacuum machine at specified periods. Virtual assistants can even help find your phone when you can’t find it at home by ringing it even if it’s silent.

You immensely reduce stress when you let go of the repetitive tasks and have more time to handle other issues.

Consider Quantum Energy

To manage stress, you need to have the right energy around you. One of the products you can try is Travel & Car Bloc. It produces dynamic and pure quantum energy and is designed to harmonize energy in workspaces, restaurants, and homes. The third-party studies showed that the Bloc can neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs (3G,4G,5G, Microwave, Wi-Fi, etc.).

Additionally, the Travel & Car Bloc is compact enough to fit inside your bag.

Practice Meditation

Meditation and deep breathing work effectively as anti-stress agents and don’t require much space. So, during your daily commute to the office or before you sleep at home, you can take five to ten minutes of meditation to take your mind off the stress.

Also, you can download meditation apps, as they have guidelines on how to make it effective with minimal effort.

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Using technology to manage stress will help you be more productive and reduce the chances of developing health complications. You can simultaneously employ one or two of the above-listed methods for faster results.


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