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Sun Ya F
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Your H.E.A.L.®* Capsule is one of a kind. The healing frequencies are clearly noticeable and perfectly orchestrated, each time I wear it, it provides my body and mind with wonderful energy that lifts me up and goes deep at the same time.

Leela Quantum Energy Capsule

Begin your quantum journey with the Leela Quantum H.E.A.L.®* Capsule. It includes five titanium spheres charged with pure quantum energy—choose how many spheres you need on any given day. 

Ideal for transmitting quantum energy – to enhance the quality of your tap water, preserve your food longer, or get a boost of positive frequencies, it offers unlimited possibilities.

Assessed By
Tests Worldwides

- Patented

Portable and Safe to Use
- No Plugs or Wires

Simple To Use
Everything you need is included.

H.E.A.L. Capsule
Let's Thrive, Not Just Survive

Toxins are everywhere, we can hardly escape them. Our air, water and food are polluted, and electrosmog is present in our everyday life. It has become important to protect ourselves from these negative influences, frequencies and radiation. At LeelaQ we want to make sure your body’s own rejuvenating powers are active and that you have the positive energy you need to feel good. 

Our products supply you with vitalizing quantum energy and supportive frequencies all day, while strengthening your stamina and relaxing your mind.

Experience the powerful yet subtle quantum energy produced by a Leela Quantum Capsule!

If you want to improve your health and energy physically and mentally, you don’t want just any solution. You want a solution that has been scientifically tested and proven to actually work, providing long term results while also allowing you to take quantum leaps forward.


Certified by IVF BESA (Bioenergetic System Analysis) and IGEF (International Electrosmog Research Society)

The BESA seal of approval stands for the highest standards in bioenergetic health regulation. The Austrian BESA Institute is the leading European research and testing institute on the subjects of biofeedback, bioenergetics and bioenergetic system analysis. 

IGEF examines products, systems, buildings, etc. with respect to its protective properties against electrosmog (EMF Pollution). For the certification of the products that will receive the IGEF test seal, the protective properties of the product must be demonstrated in a certification procedure specified by the Scientific Advisory Board of the International Electrosmog IGEF Research Society.

You Can Live Healther! And
It's Easier Than You Might

Leela Quantum H.E.A.L.®* Capsule has been scientifically tested and proven to provide quantum leaps forward in the area of health and energy.

With a range of powerful features, Leela Quantum H.E.A.L.® Capsule can:

Real People With Inspiring Stories

Ed B.
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The Leela H.E.A.L.®* Capsules are wonderful. All of us immediately experienced higher energy, deeper sleep and the ability to fall asleep much faster. Mental focus is higher and even memory seems better. And loved ones who are typically not as healthy as I am have become much more full of life and good spirits. Truly amazing! Heartfelt thanks to you
Eric Shadd
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What struck us all was how energizing the H.E.A.L.®* Capsules were. My wife is a nurse and on her feet a lot and she has noticed a palpable uptick in her energy with a new calm in stressful situations. She can move through “stuff” easier without getting triggered. I have personally noticed an uptick in my energy and robustness. And I am finding when I place the capsule along certain acupuncture points, it improves the energy further and I sense I am getting stronger and stronger. Charged water tastes amazing both for drinking and making coffee.
Felix. B
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I’m very impressed with the new Leela Quantum capsule and its new H.E.A.L.®* frequency set. It’s the most powerful capsule I’ve tried so far and I really like that it’s brass. A very special product.

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We are on the journey together. With our intelligent, energy healing protocols coupled with our vibrant online community, you’ll have everything you need to bring balance to your everyday life – boosting your health and vitality. Our growing Telegram community of thousands of people, will keep you inspired and informed as you take steps toward a radiant life. Ask us anything!

H.E.A.L. Capsule

Quantum Healing Opens Up A New Approach To Natural Health

If you are ready to explore this new paradigm, let’s find out what’s possible for you.


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