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How To Harmonize Your Environment From EMFs

We live in a digitized world where almost all our devices are wireless, from phones to laptops, speakers, and more. While this is beneficial, it can also have serious health side effects due to the increased EMF exposure produced by wireless devices.

This post looks at ways to harmonize EMFs from your environment and live a happier, healthy life.

What are EMFs?

EMFs refer to electromagnetic radiation. There are artificial and natural EMF sources, each releasing invisible energy waves that directly or indirectly interact with our bodies.

Artificial or manufactured EMF sources include; televisions, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, and refrigerators.

Health effects of EMFs

Many scientists believe that exposure to high amounts of EMFs at work and home could lead to degenerative diseases in the human body. Especially to people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

When persons with electromagnetic hypersensitivity encounter minimal EMF exposure, they may experience headaches, fatigue, brain fog, lasting rashes, lethargy, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

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How to reduce EMF exposure in your environment

While removing EMFs altogether in our work or home environments is impossible, you can reduce exposure in numerous ways.

Reduce time on your devices. 

Studies show that the average American spends at least six hours a day looking at screens, which means excessive exposure to EMFs.

Take a couple of tech breaks daily at work and home. Start by turning your phone off while working and switching it on periodically to check for voicemails or missed calls.

Also, consider turning off your tablet, laptop or Wi-Fi router, or any other device while not in use. At first, it will be challenging, but you will notice improved productivity over time.

Some other tips to reduce screen time at home are:

  • Remove all electronics from your bedroom
  • Lessen social media browsing
  • Have scheduled screen time
  • Keep the dining table screen free

Go wired when you can 

Wired devices release minimal amounts of EMFs to the environment compared to wireless devices. Therefore, it’s preferable to go wired. For instance, you can use wired headphones instead of Bluetooth, directly connect your Apple Tv or laptop to the router and avoid WIFI.

Also, avoid wearables like wireless baby monitors, watches, and fitness devices.

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Consider getting the Infinity Bloc.

Leela Quantum techs’ Infinity Bloc produces dynamic and pure quantum energy that promotes well-being and health and neutralizes EMFs from the environment. It prevents 3G,4G,5G, Wi-Fi, etc.

In addition, the powerful frequencies released by the Infinity Bloc can strengthen your stamina, increase vitality and relax your mind, enabling you to work more efficiently.

You can even use the Bloc to support your tree, seedlings, and plants, enhancing their growth and reducing EMF damage.

Avoid body contact and maintain your distance.

Keep substantial distance between you and EMF-producing devices like phones and laptops. It’s worth noting that a tiny increase in space can have a significant effect.

For instance, if you place your phone on a stool two feet away from your bed, you will experience lesser radiation exposure than if you put it next to your pillow. Also, move the Wi-Fi router or booster about 20 feet from your work desk.

Research has shown that people, especially women, primarily develop tumors near where they keep their phones. So, avoiding placing your phone in the pocket or bra is advisable.

Also, use a radiation-free headset instead of placing your cell phone directly on your ear while receiving calls. Likewise, don’t play games or work with your tablet and laptop on your lap. Put the devices on a table or use an EMF shield as outlined above to create distance.

The blue light from laptop screens also emits ELFs (extremely low frequencies) that could lead to chronic eye strain. Consider using an external monitor to increase the distance from the device.

Woman Working At Home Using Her Laptop
© Vlada Karpovich via Pexels


Let’s quickly go over how you can harmonize your environment from EMFs

  • Reduce time on your devices – all electric items produce EMFs, so by lessening the time spent on them, you also lower the exposure.
  • Go wired when you can – Wireless devices release more EMFs compared to wired devices. Hence it’s better to go wired.
  • Consider getting the Infinity Bloc.- The Infinity Bloc has pure and dynamic quantum energy that will neutralize all the EMFs in your environment.
  • Avoid body contact- maintain some distance from devices like phones while sleeping and avoid placing a laptop on your lap.


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