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Quantum Energy Wellness

A New Era for Health

Enhance performance, balance energy, and neutralize EMFs. Innovative wellness for modern living.

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Navigate Your Wellbeing

With Ease and Confidence

What would more vitality and peace of mind mean for your life? 

Would you like the confidence in knowing your energy is always balanced, and have the tools to keep it that way?

Leela Quantum Tech has the answers to reaching your optimal wellbeing goals – it’s the most simple, evidence-based, quantum energy protocol available.

Our holistic collection of products are designed to offer limitless quantum energy potential. It can help improve cell protection, support your rest cycle, encourage balance in your nutrition system, boost resilience and reduce stress, as well as neutralise EMF radiation, and so much more.

Quantum wellness opens up a new approach to natural health. If you are ready to explore this new paradigm, let’s find out what’s possible for you.

Boost Your Health and Vitality

Harmonize your environment and your body for balance, focus and improved performance. Whether you want to rest better, feel less stressed, or recover quicker.

Feel Confident You are Protected

Say goodbye to EMFs for good! Shield your body, home, plants and animals from the disruptive energies of electromagnetic pollution.

Manifest Your Intentions

Naturally vibrate with the frequency of your intentions. By attuning to a stable frequency field with our quantum technology products you can reach your intentions with ease.

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Ready to Start Being More Proactive in Taking Care of Your Own Health and Wellness… But You Don't Know Where to Start?

You probably spend a lot of time and energy eating the right things, optimizing your health and body, and still may wonder about the energetic impact of modern living. 

Most people are not happy with their health, they may think they are not aging well or they do not feel as good as they could. If you’re like most people interested in biohacking, you’re probably looking for solutions that have been fully tested using a scientific method to ensure safety and efficacy.

Enter LeelaQ a quantum wellness protocol that allows you to protect yourself, balance your energy and receive quantum boosts tailored to your specific intentions. 

Quantum energy allows your body to regenerate naturally and to access a state of vibrancy that you thought was lost.

Discover the Power

Quantum Energy Wellness


It’s as simple as wearing or using our tested and highly effective EMF protection products.


Quantum energy is amplified with LeelaQ and is naturally absorbed by your body just by being in the energy field.


Choose from a dynamic collection of quantum charged cards to match your intention of the moment.

The Perfect Products

to Tune Your Frequency

What Sets LeelaQ Apart?

We're Loved and Recommended
by Health Practitioners

We are a growing network of professional healers* and health practitioners who are dedicated ambassadors and contributors to the LeelaQ body of work and knowledge base. 

We're Community-Focused

With a growing community of over 10000+ happy customers, we are on the journey together. Our vibrant and active community loves sharing and inspiring each other every step of the way. You’re in good company.

We’re Committed to Making
Quantum Wellness Simple

We believe in an energetic approach to better health. Our products are designed with simplicity of use in mind, as well as best practices to bring you precise tools that can make a remarkable impact on your health.

We’re Tested, Approved and Certified

LeelaQ has been tested with outstanding results by leading labs in energy wellness and quantum science. With thousands of glowing reviews, you can be confident in our product’s effectiveness and our energy wellness experience.

Good Vibes and Kind Words

from Our Happy Customers

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Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience with the Leela Quantum Card. I am on the road and have neither an IB block nor a water filter with me. That's why I swing the water with the Leela Quantum Card. I put the glass of water on the card for about 5-10 minutes and the water tastes so much better than without it. I am so glad it works with it. It makes the water drinkable for me and I like drinking it.
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I used the IB to copy the frequencies Heal, EMF, NB, DNA & Cell, FY onto aluminum foil and then copied this frequency mix onto chrome steel plates which I placed in the various drinking troughs in our cow and cattle barn. Just cleaning these drinkers makes the water feel very different, the animals seem to like it. I also copied the EMF frequency onto chrome steel plates and placed them, invisible to the cows, in various locations in the milking robot. Again, the animals seem to do better with the creeping current in the milking robot. A few weeks ago, I had a severe thigh bruise from being pushed against a chrome steel basin by a cow. I almost fainted and my leg and varicose veins swelled badly. At home, I slipped the IB over my leg and sat for about an hour. The next day there was a bruise from two palms, the leg still hurt with every movement, the day after next no more pain and the big bruise was gone. Thank you!
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I always carry the H.E.A.L.® capsule with me and usually have one or more cards in my pockets. Lately I have been putting my head in the IB. I have a molar that is bothering me and it seems to be helping. I am hoping that maybe the Infinity Bloc or capsule will help because I had a root canal when I was 9. I haven't seen a lot of questions here about teeth, so I'd love to hear about others' experiences with their teeth!
Grace Green
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Recently I tested quantity versus quality of material/presentation. I bought some aluminum ribbon and some silver coated aluminum wire, charged them up and then compared them to gold plated bronze rings, and although the wire and ribbon contain much more metal than the rings, the rings feel stronger to me. Maybe it's just me, but I thought this was interesting.
Amy W
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I just bought Leela products, my menopause makes me dizzy and low energy, the first day I wear women booster capsule, I can feel my mind is more alert and the dizziness go, even at night my mind still energetic, so I decided to cut the hours wear to 4 hours, and for those few nights I can just sleep until the next morning, before the women booster capsules, I used to wake up 2-3 at night to urinate. And I just keep neutral card Oso a great help to release gas when I felt stomach bloded. thx to Leela Quantum Tech Amy
Kelly Scott
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I often buy tulips to put in a vase and they usually fall over after a week. The last time I charged the water, the tulips lasted so much longer and stayed upright.... it may not sound like much, but I'm telling you, it's a huge difference... that's how I know that charged water is so much more beneficial to our bodies
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I ride my bike around, I have it fully charged, I feel lighter on my bike, the gears are smoother and the brakes respond quickly. I feel like I can ride and ride until I stop and realize I'm doing the work and I'm dripping with sweat. It is so much fun. I recommend if you have a bike.
John cecie
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I wear my DNA card all the time and use many Leela products, all for protection and enhancement as I am almost 66 years old, working full time in a cloud scale data center, always around lots of electronics and massive energy, very important for my continued GREAT health, thank you Philipp and the Leela Quantum family!
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I love the interaction with the frequencies and quantum energies. Everyone around me who receives the cards either with pure quantum energy or in combination with frequencies has higher values than before (tested with dowser). Especially the feedback from (very sensitive) children is amazing. Thank you for making these quantum energies available to all. Kind regards.

We are a Collective United by a Passion for Wellness and Love for all Living Beings and the Earth.

Our team has been at the forefront of energy and science for decades. Our founder and CEO Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer*. He has had a successful international business career, and is now a renowned biohacker and keynote speaker at cutting edge health conferences around the world. 

At LeelaQ everything we share is to empower you with the keys and gifts of Quantum technology to give you access to its power, and to contribute to advancing the field of wellness and unlocking our collective human potential.

As a gesture toward our planet, with every order, we plant a tree with OneTreePlanted. An environmental non-profit on a mission of global reforestation.

“A big thank you to world-famous and wonderful healers for the support.”

In the development of our products, we wanted to ensure you received the best. We have collaborated with renowned healers who are specialized in their own fields, to provide the purest, most relevant health aligning frequencies for people, animals and plants, and to also ensure our products are infused with love.

Leela Quantum Tech® is at the forefront of quantum technology because of our Healers Network. The healers supporting this project are revolutionizing the way people live by offering products that deliver exceptional results for health and wellness. These breakthrough products help with stress so people feel and perform their best.

What Is It About
LeelaQ's Scientifically
Tested Products That
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LeelaQ is the ultimate biohacking toolkit. Using this collection of products, you can directly access the power to optimize your health and bring your whole world into balance.

But don’t just take our word for it!

LeelaQ works at the subatomic level, and there is a way to recognize that it works. Our products have repeatedly demonstrated positive physiological results in a variety of single and double blind, randomized studies and tests, measuring mental and physical energy, organ function, neutralization of particles, and protection against not-so nice things in the environment, to name a few.

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Take a Quantum Leap
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Optimize your wellness and performance with Leela Quantum Tech practitioner quality, energy tuning protocols. Our effective, evidence-backed products are designed to be used at home and fit perfectly into your modern lifestyle.


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