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Malcolm Pullen
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Thanks to H.E.A.L my dogs are less reactive to people and dogs walking by our house. Their barks are quieter and fewer. Plus, my 14 year old chow dog, Beauty, has also become more confident.

Leela Quantum Energy Healing For Pets

Enjoy a happier, healthier pet with Quantum Collars and Frequency Cards which have been charged with special dog or cat healing frequencies, and quantum energy so that your beloved four-legged friend feels at ease all day.

Designer Quality
Collars with Brass Details

Optimize Your
Pet’s Recovery Faster

the Inner Healer

Reduces Stress
for Pets

Balanced and
Calming for Pets

Feel Calm and in Tune With Your Pet

Leela Quantum Petcare Products are  used by thousands of people globally for helping pets cope with separation anxiety, aggression issues, hyper-activity, excessive barking, stress that is caused by fireworks and other loud sounds, phobias, fears, depression and other emotional obstacles.

LeelaQ Collars and Frequency Cards are the perfect solution for pets who have trouble settling down at night. They have been created using the finest materials and specially charged with a combination of dog or cat frequencies, and quantum energy, to nurture your pup or kitty, as well as calm them down.

Experience the powerful yet subtle quantum energy produced by a Leela Quantum Pet Collars and Cards!

Leela Quantum Petcare Products Have Proven to Be Effective By Pet Lovers Worldwide

If you want to improve your pets’ health and energy physically and mentally, you don’t want just any solution. You want a solution that has been tried, tested and proven to actually work.

Real People With Inspiring Pet Stories

Kelly Day
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My cat perks up when she wears the collar. She is quite old now and sleeps a lot but definitely seems energised with the collar on, in fact the energy seems quite strong for her so I’ve been alternating her wearing it with her normal one so she can rest too. I’m really enjoying experimenting with these products and have noticed great results already! Thank you LeelaQ for your amazing work!
Emily Adams
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As soon as I put my new puppy in my car, she was barking hysterically. I put the dog collar on her, and within about three seconds her entire energy changed. She got silent and calm, yet alert and intuitive. After one week of having her, she doubled her weight and looks so strong! It has been about two weeks of her wearing the collar, and I must say I’ve noticed some profound things. She already has learned two tricks, hardly barks, and responds to me like she understands everything I’m saying.

Your Pet's Health is Important to You

There is an easy and effective way to give your dog or cat the best possible chance at a healthy and happy life. Using a Quantum Pet Collar and Frequency Card can help reduce feelings of stress for your pet – so they feel more at ease and calm.

Harnesses the Power of Our Dynamic Community to Support Your Quantum Journey!

We are on the journey together. With our intelligent, energy healing protocols coupled with our vibrant online community, you’ll have everything you need to bring balance to your everyday life – boosting your health and vitality. Our growing Telegram community of thousands of people, will keep you inspired and informed as you take steps toward a radiant life. Ask us anything!


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