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Why Your Mind Matters: 3 Scientifically Accepted Mind-Body Connections

The science behind mind-body connections 

Sometimes called “supercomputer” or “the body’s top command center,” the brain is a complex yet remarkable organ. However, it isn’t an independent machine working separately from the body; the two are intertwined.

Scientific research proves that neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) and hormones associated with emotions also have physical effects.

Consequently, they can affect a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, appetite, and sleep patterns. 

For example, depression, a mental condition, has many physical symptoms that include: feeling worthless, reduced concentration, agitation, and life ending thoughts.

David Spiegel, a director at Stanford University’s Psychosocial Research Laboratory, conducted a study on women with breast cancer. He observed that patients regularly participating in mindfulness therapy experienced less pain, lived longer, and had a higher quality of life than patients that only took traditional medicine.

Another study also showed that most coronary artery disease patients suffered from depression.

How emotions and thoughts affect health

When stressed, the body releases cortisol and adrenaline, also called stress hormones. The two are supposed to give you a short energy boost (scientists call it an adrenaline rush) so you can escape a dangerous situation.

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However, in some instances, you can feel stressed when there isn’t a danger to escape from, and the body will still release the hormones. 

When you have too many stress hormones in your system frequently, it can result in adverse effects on the body: 

  • Digestive problems
  • Delayed healing from injuries
  • Weak immune response

While it’s easy to understand how stress causes health problems, accepting that your beliefs affect your health is far more challenging.

Negative thought patterns like self-criticism and always assuming the worst can make it hard to handle health problems. 

For instance, a lady with prediabetes may think, “Since all my family members have diabetes, there is no way I can prevent it,” even after the doctor elaborately explains that exercise and a healthy diet can reverse diabetes.

Negative inner thoughts can have detrimental health consequences and are incredibly challenging to break. Luckily, some mind-body therapies can help.

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Mind body therapies

Mind-body therapies are healing methods that encourage mindfulness and promote relaxation. Such therapies use your mind to affect the body and vice versa. Some standard yet effective mind-body therapies are;

  • Guided imagery
  • Art therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Music therapy
  • Meditation
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Qigong 
  • Taichi
  • Group therapy

You can consult a holistic doctor so they can help determine the ideal mind-body therapy for your lifestyle.

For instance, if you constantly have harmful and destructive thought patterns, practicing cognitive behavioral therapy may help to adjust your thinking and provide a positive outlook.

If you suffer from stress, combining meditation and music therapy may help reduce the stress and relax you

Other methods to improve mind-body connection


Always sit upright and walk with your head up. A strong posture makes you feel more assertive and happier.


Studies show that regularly smiling improves your mood and even lowers stress levels.

Sleep more

Often patients with depression also have sleep issues. However, once they resolve the sleep problems, the depression goes away.

Sleep well daily, and ensure your bedroom is spacious and comfortable.

Consider harnessing the power of quantum energy 

Leela Quantum Tech has many products you can use to put your world in balance and improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

For example, the Quantum Bloc can charge anything with dynamic and pure quantum energy, so you always stay positive and eliminate negative energy.

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Small changes have a considerable impact, and anything you do to boost your mental soundness will also improve your physical body. Start today by practicing the above mentioned steps, and you will notice significant improvements.


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