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Healthy Living for the Digital Age

Technology enriches our lives in so many ways, after all, we walk around with devices that give us access to whole of human information. And yet, despite access to all of the great books, documentation of our history, scientific facts, and access to all of our loved ones, we can find ourselves riddled with toxic energy. 

This new digital age has shifted the way that we look at the world. There’s a collective struggle to focus on anything longer than a short video, social media sites keep us doom scrolling through videos, not to mention the untold ways 5G and other ambient radiation can be affecting us. 

Besides the mental and emotional health issues that can be caused by our reliance on digital devices, there’s also the physical and energetic toll of being constantly stimulated by information, surprised by notifications, and in contact with electromagnetic fields (EMFs). 

The World Health Organization has established an International EMF Project to share research regarding how EMFs can affect the human body. There’s still developing research into the possible connections between EMF and cancer. Many have also reported symptoms which many are calling Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). 

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been connected to nervous system symptoms like headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems. Between our cell phones, televisions, Wi-Fi routers, and electric cables we are exposed to a ton of ambient radiation and constantly “plugged in.”

This post will offer some insight into how our devices affect our health and how to embrace healthy living in our digital age.  

Digital Detox

It’s easy to develop an unhealthy dependence on our devices. After all, how often do we rush to our phones when someone grabs theirs? We turn to our devices when we’re bored, uncomfortable, or feeling awkward. This can keep us from dealing with our emotions and instead relying on distraction.

Not to mention a constant state of hyperarousal and the addictive tendencies brought about by social networks competing for our time, attention, and engagement. Our bodies release dopamine in successful social interactions. Our social media accounts are optimized to hack these neural pathways to essentially get us addicted to this dopamine reward.  

Taking hours, days, or even weeks away from social media and your devices, in general, can help you create healthier patterns and a more manageable relationship with your devices. Time away will help you better understand your dependence on your devices.

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Create Healthy Boundaries With Technology

Taking time away from devices can help ensure that you are more readily focused on your real world concerns and life. Psychologist Melissa G. Hunt found a connection between depression, loneliness and FOMO or fear of missing out. 

She found that less time on social media can be better for your mental and emotional health. Creating healthy boundaries with your screen time, apps, and social media accounts can also be beneficial for your physical health. Too much screen time can cause eye strain which can be damaging to your vision. 

Protect Your Privacy 

In the age of influencers and online marketing so much of branding involves a thriving social media presence. However, too much exposure of your life online can put your privacy, and even your safety at risk. 

How often do people post vacation photos essentially telling people they’re not home? Posting outside your home, giving online tours, or showcasing your valuables can put a target on your back for thieves. 

Regardless of your needs to engage online, consider ways to retain your privacy and anonymity. Be sure to delay posting your whereabouts, avoid posting data that gives away specific location, and consider removing metadata in photos before posting. 

Don’t Get Disturbed 

It’s become normal to be bombarded by messages. It’s one thing if they are texts from friends and family or emails from colleagues but you don’t need messages from your apps. There is a market for your attention and focus. Your apps, social media accounts, and devices are all incentivized to keep you online. 

This means they can resort to manipulative tactics like notifications, interruptions, and strategies to keep you attached to your device. Taking the short amount of time to opt-out of notifications and turn off alerts on your apps or even turning on the “do not disturb” feature can ensure your phone usage remains on your terms. 

This will not only free up more time it will also help you retain focus and better manage your time, energy, and focus. 

Step Up and Step Back 

The Facebook whistleblower helped reveal that the algorithm of the famous social media network would highlight angry reactions to drive engagement. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions caused by what people post or worse yet what people comment. 

Anger, while a valid emotion some of the time, can be bad for your health. It can trigger cardiovascular events like heart attacks, strokes, and aneurysms.  

Rather than engage and waste your energy and lose your inner peace, consider a step up and step back approach. Step away from the site, device, or dialogue, and step back and consider the toll of this emotional engagement. 

Avoid Free Radicals & Neutralize EMFs

One result of our digital age is that we are exposed to much more ambient radiation and EMFs. It is not just an issue of not standing in front of the microwave while it’s cooking. There is ambient energy around all of our devices and this can take its toll on the body.  

If you want to neutralize the EMFs in your life and protect yourself from 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, microwaves, and other ambient radiation consider the Leela Quantum’s Infinity and Quantum Blocs. There is even a Travel & Car Bloc. 

Not only do these Blocs can help neutralize EMF, but they can charge items, your water, and establishing a harmonius energy in your space. They help establish quantum energy that helps neutralize the free radicals in a lot of this radiation. 

Free radicals are molecules and atoms missing electrons. They try to get these electrons by putting your cells under oxidative stress. This stress is what’s responsible for aging but it can also cause disease and negatively impact your DNA. 

We are living in a new age where everything from movies to currency are now digital. How can you stay healthy? These tips and products can help you ensure that you stay mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy by tackling the effects of your devices, your apps, and the radiation they bring with them. 


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