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Quantum Energy 101

People exercise to take care of their bodies, take probiotics to support their digestive systems, and even load up on antioxidants to support their cellular health. But what about your energetic health? 

The cell might seem like the smallest unit of living things but if you dive one level deeper, there are atoms that make up those cells. At the atomic level, different factors can affect our energetic health like the electromagnetic fields of our technology (EMF radiation), pollution, as well as chemical reactions from alcohol, food additives, and even fried foods.

Many factors can affect our health, which by extension, can cause illness in your cells, into your tissues and organ systems, wreaking havoc on your body. Understanding quantum energy can not only help you understand a deeper aspect of your health but also unlock a greater understanding of the world.For example, only 10 minutes of exposure to the quantum energy in the Quantum Bloc can prevent red blood cells from sticking together, reduce fibrin formation and increase white blood cell motility. There is a direct correlation between quantum energy and physical health.

What is Quantum Energy? 

Quantum energy is the energy that exists in everything. In the same way, atoms are the smallest building block of matter, a quantum is the smallest unit of energy. Quantum energy is essentially the source of what we call life.

Everything around us is made up of quantum energy. It’s what makes plants grow, it’s what makes up living things like plants, animals and human beings  and nonliving things like crystals and stars. As the most pared-down unit of measurement, these quanta are helping shift how we view the world. 

Quantum physics is bridging the gap between science and our experience by expanding our understanding of the world. One key concept of quantum physics is that things can exist as both a particle and a wave. Not only are our atoms the small building blocks we understand from high school chemistry, but they are also in motion or vibration. 

Quantum mechanics is the field of study that searches for the rules that govern how these particles move and how quantum energy functions.  

The evolution of quantum physics and our understanding of quantum energy is meeting where society is arriving as we evolve as a species. We’re more mindful of things that affect our vibration levels or “vibes,” certain emotions, places, and even people can “drain our energy.”  More people are exploring different energy healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, or sound baths. 

What seems fantastical, magical, or “new age” is starting to find some footing in what we see in physics. Concepts like the “law of attraction” are tied to concepts like quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement asserts that two particles can be linked and despite being separated by millions of light years the changes to one particle will affect the other. 

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How is Quantum Energy at Work in Our Lives? 

Every person has a quantum energy field constantly interacting with other quantum energy fields. Inside our bodies, our cells communicate with each other via these quantum fields. 

Our quantum field, just like our body, will seek homeostasis or a natural balance. Different things can disrupt this natural balance. In the same way, too much salt or sugar might throw off your body’s homeostasis. Different things such as toxic substances, being bombarded with EMF radiation from our phones and devices, and stress can throw off our energetic equilibrium.

There is also a psycho-emotional component. There have been studies of how quantum physics is at play in the human mind. Our thoughts, emotions, and moods can affect the world around us. 

The work of Dr. David Hawkins explored how certain emotions correspond to certain vibrational levels. He heavily studied the various levels of consciousness and found some emotions existing at a lower vibration state. This explains why certain feelings like fear, guilt, or depression can impact our energy levels. 

If we are both particles, and particles in motion, it stands to reason these “negative” emotional states are signs we are vibrating at a lower frequency. 

Additionally, the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto explored how human intention can affect the world around us. He examined how human emotions affected the formation of water crystals. A group of 2,000 people in Tokyo focused positive intentions toward water samples located inside an electromagnetically shielded room in California.

When compared to the control group, the samples that were sent positive intentions had distinctly more beautiful crystals. Their beauty was judged by 100 different judges to protect the study’s validity. 

Essentially, our intentions, depending on our emotional state, can affect the world around us. 

What Does Quantum Energy Mean For Your Well-being? 

In a perfect world, we are quantum energy and we are perfect. However, different environmental and emotional factors affect our well-being. Here’s a simple example from everyday life. 

You often hear of the value of antioxidants. The reason you’re encouraged to eat blueberries or acai is that these foods’ antioxidants tackle free radicals. Free radicals are atoms that have an uneven number of electrons. They can enter the body from pollution, cigarette smoke, fried foods, or alcohol. 

They seek equilibrium so they will try to even out their electrons. This puts your cells under what is called oxidative stress. Oxidation is what causes human cells to age. This stress doesn’t just cause aging, it can also cause cancer, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

On the atomic level, these free radicals are attacking our atoms and our quantum energy. On the biological level, these energetic attacks can distort our DNA, denature our cells, and spread illness. So how can we tackle environmental toxins with quantum energy? 

How Can Quantum Energy Help Your Well-being?

The growing popularity of certain alternative healing modalities is beginning to demonstrate how energy healing is connected to our quantum energy.

Reiki involves a practitioner providing subtle energy to a patient to help the patient’s quantum energy “reset” so they can heal themselves. Mikao Usui famously founded his first Reiki clinic and school in Tokyo in 1922 and claimed the art of offering healing energy had existed for 2500 years. 

Meditation and prayer are meant to help people clear their minds to avoid any mental or emotional effects on their quantum energy. Focusing on finding clarity of mind and purpose can help someone more clearly connect to their quantum energy. 

Leela Quantum Tech has products that provide access to pure quantum energy. By offering EMF protection and providing a clear quantum charge there has even been a scientifically proven positive effect on live blood cells.  

Our understanding of quantum energy is still growing but the more we explore this field of study the more we can understand how we can potentially heal ourselves. It’s expanding how the things that deplete our energy can cause disease. Not to mention, the importance of our energetic well-being. 

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