Examples of use

Stylish accessories for a balanced home

Don’t worry if there’s a bad vibe going on in your home. With the help of our Leela Quantum Tech® products you can quickly and easily get the energy flowing again. Especially if it’s an energetic imbalance. Devices such as cell phones, computers, televisions and microwaves emit frequencies that can have a negative impact on health and emotional well-being. We offer you a selection of products that protect you and your family or room-mates from electrosmog and harmful radiation, providing you with positive quantum energy. The human body is very sensitive to energies and frequencies, and if you listen to it carefully, it can be an excellent measuring device for you. Do you know the vague feeling when you enter a room and suddenly feel uncomfortable or struggle to connect with a person or place? Your body is telling you that your environment is not in balance. Leela Quantum Tech® products can positively influence the energies in rooms and buildings, furniture and electronic equipment, in your garden and other various objects. The products can also neutralize electrosmog, the influence of water veins, radioactive radiation and other types of negative energy. You may go for the stylish golden card in credit card-size format, the noble oriental looking coasters or cool drinking bottles, or just browse through our store and get inspired. Discover the possibilities that frequency technology and quantum energy offer, and that people are becoming more aware of every day.


Our Leela Quantum Tech® products for plants and can create harmony in your garden and surroundings.

Photosynthesis played a key role in the origin and development of life on earth and is still considered one of the most evolutionary optimized biological processes in nature. The conversion of solar energy into oxygen, carbohydrates and stored energy (life energy), takes place at a molecular level and the domain of quantum mechanics. The effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) on plants have been researched since the 1930s, and a large number of studies have proven a connection between increased EMF occurrence and plant damage and the environment.

With our technology you can prevent this damage and charge the plants in your home, garden and balcony with positive quantum energy and frequencies. This can help them grow and thrive. You can also extend the life of cut flowers by placing a Leela Quantum Card or capsule next to or beneath the vase


Support the self-healing mechanism of your pet and keep it calm and content

The work with quantum energy is one of the most fascinating transformation methods of our time, and its positive effects can benefit people as well as plants and animals. Animals are difficult to influence cognitively and are therefore able to feel subtle energies without a filter. With our Leela Quantum animal products you can restore your pet’s energy balance and inner harmony on all levels. Your pets matrix will absorb the positive quantum energy that is emanating from the product and fuel its body with it. This will stimulate its self-healing powers, release physical pain and unlock emotional blockages. Your pet will be in perfect balance within itself, its environment and you.


Use Leela Quantum Tech® products for your well-being and that of your loved ones

We offer you a variety of products ranging from Leela Quantum capsules & frequency cards, to copper bracelets and fashion items to increase your energy level, activate your inner healing powers, become more stress resistant, powerful and able to let go and enjoy each moment. All of our Leela Quantum products have been manufactured with a great attention to detail, were intensively tested and can be used in various fields. Toxins are everywhere and we can hardly escape them. Our air, water and food are polluted and electrosmog is omnipresent in our everyday life. Therefore it is all the more important to protect yourself from negative influences, frequencies and radiation and make sure that your body’s own healing powers are active and that you get enough positive energy to feel good within your own skin. Our products supply you with vitalizing quantum energy and helpful frequencies all day long, while strengthening your stamina and relaxing your mind. Despite the many advantages and possible applications of our products, we would like to emphasize the protection they give against electrosmog, as we are constantly being asked about it. We offer you a variety of products that offered to you with a personal healing touch, from cool baseball caps to comfortable shirts and casual hoodies, jewelry and lifestyle accessories. You can even find a comfy cotton hat for babies, that has been proven to shield 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and WLAN frequencies by over 99.5% and releasing positive gentle energy at the same time. All of our Leela Quantum clothes and fashion accessories are antibacterial, antiviral and odorless. We only use high quality materials such as pure cotton and pure silver threads. Silver is a precious metal that has been used in medical care since ancient times, including wound treatment and other uses. Around 1900, colloidal silver (tiny silver particles dissolved in water), was a popular disinfectant. Even today, there are still wound dressings and ointments containing silver. The metal is very popular in the alternative medicine area and its antibacterial effects make it a great radiation-repellent for protective clothing. Our collection can also protect you from 5G frequencies that can emanate from the mobile networks. With frequencies of over 600 megahertz, these are significantly higher than those of conventional cell phone networks and are at minimum extremely unfamiliar, and more likely, harmful to the human body. Our collection is designed to not only block these negative frequencies, but to convert them into frequencies and energy that your body can use to its advantage. We want you to feel good in your skin all day long — and look good too. For example, if you wore a Leela Quantum T-shirt, it would block electrosmog by well over 99%. In addition you’d benefit from the unique quantum energy effect that all Leela Quantum Tech® products provide.