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How to Clean Your Energy Field from External Sources

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt a certain atmospheric energy without quite knowing why? Have you ever had a conversation about someone else’s energy?

“I just feel like he has really negative energy” or “Her positive energy is so infectious!” are examples of phrases that come up often in conversation. People radiate and absorb the energy that surrounds them. However, our energy fields aren’t just an expression, but are a tangible part of daily life.

When we absorb negative external sources of energy, our own energy changes. Negative energy can impact our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Conversely, when we surround ourselves with positive energy sources, our lives can transform: we can experience gratitude and excellent health — our relationships can thrive, our physical and emotional health can improve, and our spiritual perspective can become clearer.

So what can we do to keep our lives full of positive energy? Can we clean our energy fields from external sources?

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What science and spiritual researchers say about human energy fields

Many religions teach people to pay attention to external sources that can adversely impact their lives, and focus on spiritual health. Christianity implores us to positively feed our souls. Hinduism and Buddhism teach us to align our chakras (the energy centers of balance in our bodies). The idea of human energy has been a part of practiced faiths since the dawn of civilization.

However, human energy fields aren’t just backed up by spiritual sources: Science has much to say about human energy fields too. Over the past century, the human energy field (HEF) has become a popular concept in medical professions — especially nursing. 

According to NIH, the HEF is “defined as a luminous field of energy that compromises a person, extends beyond the physical body, and is in a continuous mutual process with the environmental energy field.”  

The HEF should have creative flow and symmetry in order to remain healthy. Our personal energy fields (sometimes referred to as auras) emit electromagnetic energy.

Healing energy fields or protecting your energy from external sources isn’t yet a widespread practice among medical professionals. Nonetheless, many recognize the importance of energy in healing the human body and mind. Homeopathic medical practices deal directly with energy fields.

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How does your energy field impact daily life?

Energy exists in every object in our environment; chemical, gravitational, kinetic, magnetic, nuclear, and sound energy fields inform our days. 

Energy fields cannot be recorded. However, when you become in tune with yourself and aware of every aspect of your body, your own energy and the energy you absorb grows more apparent. You might sense when different energy comes into your daily life. For example, witnessing an amazing sunset, celebrating a success, or encountering trauma can perceptibly change the way you physically feel.  

Perhaps you’ve experienced an overall change in your well-being after meditation, physical exercise, or a great conversation. You may find yourself with an increased awareness of all around you or a significantly higher state of alertness. This means you’ve allowed positive energy to impact your own energy field.

If a situation causes you to suddenly feel heaviness in your head, heart, shoulders, stomach, or throat, the energy you’ve absorbed may have drastically transformed. Both positive and negative energy field shifts can also cause you to feel heightened intuition or life insight.

When you become aware of the energy around you, you can act proactively to balance yourself and to create positive emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual energy — even in the midst of difficult situations.

Your energy field is connected to your nerve-endings, your organs, and every cell in your body. Energy fields also have a direct impact on your professional choices, the relationships you form, and the life opportunities you follow. They connect us to all living beings on the planet. Thus, it’s vital we’re aware of and can clean our energy fields as frequently as possible.

External factors that contribute to your energy field

Various external factors and sources contribute to the ways in which your energy field grows healthily. Some of these factors may seem obvious, while others are far more subtle.

These positive and negative external factors include:

  • Physical exercise: Although exercise expends energy, it also replenishes your energy reserves.
  • Hydration: The benefits of drinking water are countless. Water keeps your skin healthy, your organs functioning correctly, assists in mental acuity, and aids in digestion. And…it helps sustain the well-being of your energy field. 
  • Food consumption: Your body stores energy from the food you eat. If you’re consuming copious amounts of sugar, your energy will rapidly decrease. Sugar-filled foods don’t produce sustainable energy.
  • Sleep: Insomnia, a lack of sleep, and oversleeping can all “dirty” your energy field. A lack of sleep can deplete your energy field and leave you dull and dragging throughout your day. Have you ever felt extremely fatigued, slept for 13 hours, and then felt more exhausted when you wake up? Oversleeping can be just as detrimental for your energy field as a lack of sleep.
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How to clean your energy field

If you feel depleted and mentally cloudy, and feel frustrated with the prospect of cleansing your energy field, there’s good news! The steps to clean your energy field are simple, and easy to intentionally implement in your life. Practical and spiritual methods alike can help you clean your energy.

These steps include:

  • Daily soak in the sunshine: Even if it’s just for thirty minutes, absorbing direct sunlight can not only give your body much needed Vitamin D, but can also clean your energy field and increase positive energy.
  • Daily movement: Cardiovascular movement is important for your heart and brain health, and it increases your body’s endorphins and kinetic energy, too.
  • Meditate on and visualize your goals: By focusing on and visualizing your life’s desires, you can repel negative energy. You also may find your goals readily materialize.
  • Utilize breathing exercises: Carve out time each day to concentrate on your breathing. Take deep breaths and slowly exhale. Imagine a healthy, clean, protective field of energy surrounding you. Create a powerful field and allow it to surround you as you live out your day.

Products to help you clean your energy field  

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