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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Energy at Work

If you feel like you are running on empty, always leaving work worn out and exhausted, and you can’t help but wonder how the other workers seem more energized than you, check out these easy ways to improve your energy and start getting more done each day.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water doesn’t only quench your thirst; it also helps boost brain function and energy levels.

Studies show that the human brain is directly impacted by its hydration status. For instance, mild dehydration leads to increased mood swings, slowed decision-making, and heightened fatigue and anxiety.

To ensure you stay hydrated, try and have a water bottle on your desk throughout the day. 

You can even get a colleague struggling with the same issue, set a water target to drink daily, and hold each other accountable to meet the goal.

Woman drinking water with lemon
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2. Avoid carb-heavy lunches

Eating carbon-loaded foods like white rice, chips, pasta, and white bread increases blood sugar levels, making you feel tired when you return to work.

It would be better to incorporate energy-enhancing foods into your diet. These include; nuts, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, kale, bananas, salmon, and avocados.

3. Organize your desk

Take at least ten to fifteen minutes to neatly arrange your work desk, placing everything in order and getting rid of what you don’t need.

An untidy workspace can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed, reducing productivity. Decluttering prevents such feelings from arising.

Research conducted by Harvard University professors found that people working in a tidy, clutter-free environment can efficiently work longer hours.

By also getting your desk in order, you will reduce the time spent looking for files or other work-related items and spend it on critical tasks.

Photo Of Laptop Near Books
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4. Take a moment to laugh and relax

Laughing is great for your soul; it helps reduce stress and immensely boosts your mood.

Consider taking intermittent breaks off work to watch a funny clip and relax. You’ll get more done after the break. However, you must remain disciplined to avoid overindulging in the videos at the expense of your work.

5. Lighten your load

Research has proven that overworking is among the significant causes of fatigue (reduced energy levels). 

People tend to overwork when they have excessive professional, social, and family obligations. 

Though challenging, you can avoid burning out by streamlining your “to-do” activities. Start by writing down your tasks from the most to the least important, and get extra help when you feel overwhelmed.

Also, learn how to delegate tasks so you only focus on things that matter. For instance, you can get an assistant to handle your mailing and calls. These tasks may seem trivial, but they do take lots of time and energy to get done.

Man Working From Home
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6. Surround yourself with energetic colleagues

Having downbeat, gloomy, and demotivated workmates will drain your energy, and you won’t accomplish much. On the other hand, when you spend time with ambitious, vibrant, and optimistic people, you will feel energized to do more.

The characteristics of people around you are contagious; thus, you must pick those with similar values.

7. Change tasks

Doing a similar task for a prolonged period will inevitably zap your energy levels. Its a good idea to plan your work schedule so that you have a variety of goals to complete.

By handling different tasks each day, your mind will stay engaged, thereby ensuring high productivity levels.

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8. Sleep

Hundreds of studies explain how sleep directly affects our energy levels and ability to perform efficiently.

Some of the benefits of having an adequate sleep include:

  • Reduced stress levels and improved moods

  • You’ll get along better with your family and colleagues

  • Improved decision making 

  • Lesser chances of getting sick for you will avoid diseases like heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes.

As you can see, sleep isn’t a luxury; it’s an essential component of your well-being.

9. Exercise

Exercising gives your body cells extra energy to burn and improves oxygen circulation. It also raises your brain’s dopamine levels, thereby elevating mood and will help you sleep better.

A Man Doing Exercise

10, Take advantage of the Agni Power Frequency Cards

Negative frequencies lead to low energy levels at work. You can counter such using the Agni Power Frequency card.

The card can provide invigorating quantum energy and supportive frequencies to help you keep going throughout the day. 

We’ve all been there. You wake up and you’re feeling low, like there’s absolutely no way that day is going to be a good one. But then you get to work, and it just keeps getting worse! You try to stay positive and smile at your coworkers, but it’s hard when everyone around you is grumpy and complaining about how unfair the world can be.

The Agni Power Frequency Card stimulates the heart chakra so that love can flow through you as a transformative force in your life. This card can help get rid of negative frequencies that lead to low energy levels at work. It works by helping you slow down and focus on what really matters: finding joy in every moment.


It’s no secret that we’re all experiencing a growing level of stress and exhaustion in our lives—and it’s affecting our productivity at work and at home. But there’s good news: it is possible to reverse the trend!

The tips above can help you improve your energy levels and live a more fulfilled life.


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