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What is Inner Abundance and Why It’s Important

Often, we directly associate the word “abundance” with material wealth. However, abundance has a more profound meaning than that.

Studies have shown that although abundance may appear as having costly possessions such as property, money, or other resources, it’s also an inner state of mind.

To achieve external abundance, you’ll first need internal abundance, independent of what you have or don’t have.

Keep reading if you want to know what inner abundance is and why it’s essential with quantum energy.

What is inner abundance?

Inner abundance is a positive flow of energy, gratitude, trust, and openness that you will receive what you’re working towards in time, and even if you don’t, you’ll be okay. It gives you an overwhelming sense of peace, and you never feel inadequate.

When you have inner abundance, your mind and heart will naturally gravitate towards thoughts and actions that are creative and expansive. As a result, you will draw in external feelings of abundance.

Over time, you will completely let go of the scarcity mindset that most people have. Instead, you’ll notice that the world is full of opportunity.

For instance, the sun rises daily to provide us with more than enough light energy we need. Billions of flowers and leaves effortlessly receive that energy and make food that benefits billions of animals. As you can see, abundance is all over; you only need to let it in.

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How do you create inner abundance?

Luckily, we all have a fountain of abundance, but you must eliminate all the blocks to capture it. These are emotional and mental paradigms and patterns preventing your abundance flow.

They include:

Changing your emotions and belief about abundance.

Society and mainstream media have corrupted most of us with toxic notions and beliefs like “we don’t have enough time,” “you must suffer,” and more.

Society continuously teaches us that you can only obtain money, good health, and abundance through pain and hardship.

Additionally, you probably carry deep-reaching emotional scars like guilt and shame, which make you feel unworthy of success and happiness.

To get out of this negative cycle, you’ll need to let go of such beliefs and emotions, then replace them with feelings of love, acceptance, and gratitude. Doing so, you will unlock your inner abundance paradigm and feel deserving of what life has to offer.

You must also go against the lie that “giving is better than receiving” and realize that the world is a cycle. So, you should receive as much as you give to maintain a balance and avoid people taking advantage of you.

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Changing your awareness of who you indeed are.

Life challenges may have programmed you to believe you are a limited, small, insignificant being struggling alone in the universe.

However, you are an unlimited, powerful being that can impact the world. In essence, you already have all you need.

It’s time you embrace your true power and turn it on, so you can have your internal fountain of abundance flowing. When you switch it on, you will have natural joy, fullness, and trust that external wealth can never give you.

You can use Leela Quantum Tech’s Abundance Frequency Card to achieve this. It will help you get rid of negative beliefs and blockages faster; thereby, you will attain inner and outer abundance. The card is soothing and nourishing.

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Make a love agreement with life.

Having a love agreement with life means that while you are busy working and trying to make your dreams a reality, you believe life will be good to you and the universe is on your side.

It would help to have a positive outlook to avoid the negative energy that often leads to fear and failure.

For instance, sea turtles come out of the ocean each year, where they are safe, to lay eggs on the beach. The sea turtles risk being eaten by predators or getting stuck on the beach.

However, they push on regardless, dig a hole, lay eggs, cover it up and go back to sea. The turtles believe the eggs will hatch and the young ones will reach the sea. No matter how many eggs predators eat, in the end, many of the sea turtles’ hatchlings eventually get to the sea.

Like the sea turtles, you must take on life’s challenges head-on, believing all will be well.


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