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What is Quantum Energy Jewelry & How Does It Work?

Are you considering using quantum jewelry but want to know how it works first? You’re in the right place. Quantum healing jewelry that’s been carefully designed can have a tremendous benefit on your health and wellness.

We don’t blame you for wanting some more info first, though. This guide to quantum energy jewelry covers what it is, the science behind it, the different types you can get, and how to tell if it’s legitimate or not.

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What is quantum energy jewelry?

Quantum jewelry includes accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and pendants that are designed to interact with quantum energy fields in order to provide health benefits to the wearer. Since each living thing has a life force energy, they also have a biofield.

When your biofield comes into contact with energies around you, it can have either positive or negative effects on your health. Wearing quantum energy jewelry can help reduce the potency of these negative energies. Some of these negative energies come from electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Consequently,  quantum jewelry can also be referred to as EMF jewelry or EMF protection jewelry.

How does quantum jewelry work?

Quantum jewelry is created to give off certain vibrational frequencies that interact with the particles in the quantum field. This interaction then influences your body’s biofield by disrupting the negative energy around you, such as radiation from EMFs.

Many of the gadgets and appliances you use in your daily life — smartphones, laptops, tablets, WiFi routers, etc. — give off low-frequency EMF radiation. EMF protection jewelry intercepts the potentially damaging frequencies and neutralizes them so they can’t harm you.

In addition to protecting you from negative external energies, quantum jewelry also has a boosting effect. Your biofield already contains natural, healing energies that promote recovery at the sub-atomic level. The jewelry boosts these natural vibrational frequencies and increases their protective properties.

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The biofield: Why it matters for quantum healing jewelry

The biofield is an energy field that permeates and surrounds the human body. The existence of the biofield was discovered after years of research on the intersection of quantum theory and human biology. Although the research and experimentation are still ongoing, there have been major findings linking our biology to the quantum energy field. This emerging field of study has been dubbed bioenergetics or biofield science.

Using the sub-atomic energy field to facilitate healing and overall wellness is nothing new, of course. Energy healing practitioners of Reiki, qigong, therapeutic touch, and more have been influencing their patients’ biofields to promote healing for centuries.

You can also think of your biofield as an energy field or aura in your body made up of channels where energy flows. That’s why when your biofield has been impacted by too many negative energies, you can also describe it as an energy “blockage.” Energy and biofield therapies are primarily focused on clearing these blockages.

Quantum jewelry is based on this same principle of interacting with the biofield in order to unlock energy flows and reduce the effects of negative external frequencies.

Benefits of EMF protection jewelry

Wearers of quantum jewelry are interested in more than just aesthetics. There are also health benefits that come with wearing these pieces, such as balancing the biofield, neutralizing EMFs, and increasing energy flow.

Balancing the biofield

Your body’s energy can become blocked or unaligned for a number of reasons. It may happen after a significant trauma or life event, illness, stress, or negative emotions. Blocked energy results in an unbalanced biofield, which leads to even more problems, such as:

  • Immune dysfunction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Fatigue

Wearing quantum jewelry brings your biofield back into balance by promoting your body’s natural healing frequencies to overcome these problems.

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Neutralizing harmful EMFs

Due to how the jewelry is designed, it naturally protects and neutralizes harmful EMFs. The frequencies given off by your phone, laptop, tablet, and other devices can impact your body’s energy. When you wear quantum jewelry, you can counteract this negative effect. The energy emitted by the quantum bracelet, necklace, or pendant harmonizes those negative frequencies.

Increasing energy flow

Since quantum healing accessories interact with your body’s energy, they can help enhance and increase your energy flow. As a result, your body may become more resilient and it can have a positive effect on your overall vitality.

Types of quantum jewelry

Most pieces of quantum jewelry available are either necklaces or bracelets. You can find the occasional quantum ring too, but they’re less common. The reason necklaces and pendants are used so often is because when you wear them, the pendant hangs right next to your chest, above your heart chakra. 

When the quantum energy pendant or necklace is close to the heart chakra, it’s easier for the quantum energy to be transmitted all over your body. Quantum jewelry still has a potent effect when it’s a bracelet or ring, but it’s highly effective when worn over the heart chakra.

Other ways to use quantum energy for healing

Wearing quantum jewelry is only one way to take advantage of quantum healing energy. You can also infuse your food and water with quantum energy before eating it, harmonize your electronic devices with quantum energy to minimize their harmful effects, and even radiate quantum energy in your home.


By using Leela Quantum Tech’s Quantum Bloc or Infinity Bloc. These Blocs both create a field of pure quantum energy which allows you to charge nearly any object with quantum energy. You can place your cup of coffee inside a Quantum Bloc for a minute or two, and both the mug and coffee will be charged with quantum energy. You can place your fruits and vegetables inside the Blocs to charge them before you eat them.

Of course, wearing a quantum healing necklace or bracelet has significant benefits for your health, but it can be limiting. With a Quantum Bloc or Infinity Bloc placed in your home, you can charge almost any object with quantum energy and radiate a field of quantum energy in your home. You can essentially create a quantum energy safe zone that neutralizes negative frequencies and leaves you feeling revitalized, energized, and at peace.

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The science behind quantum energy and human health

Quantum energy, in the context of physics, refers to the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, like energy or matter. Quantum jewelry, and other wearables infused with quantum energy, harness this energy. Specifically, there are three ways quantum energy is applied when creating quantum healing jewelry:

  • Attributes of materials used: The design of quantum jewelry often involves materials like cs. Certain materials are known for their unique properties, such as piezoelectricity, or their ability to form regular, repeating structures at the atomic level.
  • Resonance with energy fields: The materials used in quantum and EMF protection jewelry can resonate at certain frequencies that can influence or interact with the body’s energy. Vibrating at a specific frequency in this way is known as resonance.
  • Interaction with the biofield: The body generates an electromagnetic field, which can be influenced by external energies, including those emanated by quantum jewelry.

How to know if quantum jewelry is legitimate

When you’re considering purchasing quantum energy jewelry, you want to be sure you’re getting the real thing. Many retailers claim to have quantum jewelry, EMF blocking jewelry, or healing jewelry, but in reality, these accessories have no effect whatsoever.

It’s important to be a smart consumer and do your homework before you buy. Investigate the retailer’s claims about the products — are they backed by research? Have their products been proven to have the effects they claim when rigorously and scientifically tested?

At Leela Quantum Tech, we’ve commissioned several studies on our products to determine what their measurable impacts are for human health. Our products have gone through double-blind experiments carried out by highly qualified experts, and we published the results of this research on our website.

When you purchase a quantum necklace or bracelet from Leela Quantum Tech, you know it’s the real deal.

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Quantum jewelry: It’s worth the hype

Now that you’re informed about quantum healing jewelry and how it works, you can decide if you want to start wearing it. Quantum jewelry that is properly designed and constructed can have an overall positive impact on your health. If you’re ready to join the quantum health movement, check out our collection of quantum jewelry or even our quantum clothing


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