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Balancing Your Chakras With Quantum Energy: An In-depth Exploration

Everything in our expansive universe radiates energy, from the largest oceans and mountains to the smallest blade of grass. In this post, we look at the different energy centers in the human body, known as chakras, their importance, and how to use quantum energy to balance them. 

What are chakras

Chakra originates from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning circular or wheel. Chakras correspond to nerve plexuses or nerve centers in your body. Put simply, a chakra is an energy reservoir or center.

Chakra energy flows in two directions: clockwise to move energy inside our body to the outside environment and anticlockwise to bring energy from the external world into the body. The frequency state of your chakras determines how your energy flows.

Silhouette of woman doing yoga in lotus position over tree. Concept of connection with the universe and nature.
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Types of chakras

There are seven chakras covering different parts of the human body. Below is an overall look at each of them.

Root Chakra

Associated color- red

Associated organs and glands – reproductive organs, blood, spine, adrenal glands

Upward effects- balanced root chakra gives you enthusiasm and liveliness

Downward effects- insufficient root chakra leads to dullness, feeling insecure, and lack of enthusiasm

Sacral Chakra

Associated color- Orange

Associated glands and organs- kidneys and reproductive organs such as the uterus, testes, and ovaries

Upward effects- sacral chakra gives you sexual and creative energy.

Downward effects- lack of sacral chakra can make you feel uncreative or result in sexual obsession.

Solar plexus chakra ( Naval chakra) 

Associated color- Yellow

Associated glands and organs- digestive system ( intestines and stomach), pancreas, and liver

Upward effects- proper energy flow in solar plexus chakra brings joy and generosity.

Downward effects- insufficient energy may result in feelings of jealousy and greed

Heart Chakra

Associated color- Green

Associated organs- hands, arms, breasts, heart, lungs 

Upward effects- adequate energy flow manifests love. 

Downward effects- a deficit can result in feelings of hate or fear 

Heart Chakra Meditation with Green Aventurine Crystal
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Galaxy in Space
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Throat chakra

Associated color- Blue

Associated organs- Shoulders, throat, neck, ear, thyroid, and mouth

Upward effects- uninterrupted energy flow in the throat chakra results in feelings of gratitude.

Downward effects- improper flow of energy will make you feel depressed or stuck

Third eye chakra

Associated color- Indigo

Associated organs- eyes, the base of the skull, brow

Upward effects- manifests alertness and awareness. 

Downward effects- insufficient energy flow makes you constantly angry 

Crown Chakra

Associated colors- purple and white

Associated organs- brain, cerebral cortex, pineal and pituitary gland

Upward effects- manifests joy and tranquility. 

Downward effects- doesn’t have any.

Importance of balancing your chakras

Ideally, all your chakras should be open and balanced, but that isn’t always the case. When such happens, one of your chakras will overwork to compensate for the energy deficit, which can even lead to health problems.

Plus, achieving complete quantum healing is almost impossible when you have unbalanced chakras. 

Blackboard - Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)
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Enhance your wellbeing by exercising regularly
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How to balance your chakras with quantum energy

Apart from protecting you from dangerous EMFs, facilitating quantum healing, and improving performance, quantum energy can also help to balance your chakras. You can achieve this using: 

Quantum meditation 

Following a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and practicing meditation will facilitate the upward flow of energy to all the individual chakras and achieve the needed balance. It also increases your chances of attaining quantum healing.

To make your meditation effective, you can try two sessions a day. However, some people find three or more sessions ideal; it will depend on your preference.


Yoga improves blood flow within muscles, releases stress, and enhances flexibility. 

When you combine your yoga sessions with a steady supply of quantum energy from Leela Quantum tech products, your body can naturally regenerate energy and attain chakra balance.

Here are a couple of yoga poses to facilitate chakra balance.

  • Root chakra- Tree pose, mountain pose, child pose
  • Sacral chakra- Garland pose, butterfly pose, side angle pose
  • Solar plexus chakra- reverse plank, boat pose 
  • Heart chakra- fish pose, camel pose
  • Throat chakra- wheel pose, shoulder stand, seated cat-cow
  • Third eye chakra- dolphin pose, pigeon pose, lotus pose
  • Crown chakra- butterfly pose, wheel pose
Woman Meditating
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Though it may seem challenging, you can effectively balance your chakras. Leela Quantum tech has a variety of scientifically tested products that will provide you with a sufficient flow of quantum energy and help you live a healthy, fulfilling life.


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