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What is Quantum Energy Healing and Does it Work?

We know quantum energy healing works because it’s been around for ages. It’s only in the last century or so that we have developed new insights into it along with new language to describe it.

Quantum physics states that mass is actually a manifestation of energy.

This means that everything — including a human being — is simply energy stored in mass particle form.

And this thinking is certainly nothing new. For centuries, Eastern culture has acknowledged that our body is composed of an energetic life force. Chinese medicine and reiki are derived from this concept. In China, chi (also spelled Qi) was said to be your life force — the energy that flows through you and through everything.

Similarly, in ​​yoga and Ayurveda, this life force is known as Prana.

Much like breath and blood, energy moves throughout your body and is nourished by proper sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise. However, chi goes beyond the physical or tangible. It is the purest energy that moves through you — into your body and all expressions of life. Chi is in fact the bridge between our physical form and pure awareness.

Reiki healing treatment . Energy therapy, alternative medicine concept.
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How does quantum energy healing work?

Energy healing is a practice that activates the body’s energy to remove blocks. Quantum energy healing is not just about alleviating physical and mental symptoms, it’s also about removing negative energy. Quantum-touch methods work by teaching us how to focus and magnify life-force energy by integrating different breathing and body awareness exercises.

When the balance and flow of energy are restored throughout the body, mind, and soul, we can remove blocks and promote our own healing. Deepak Chopra refers to such a correction as a quantum leap.

Quantum Healing vs. Western Medicine

The concept of quantum healing defies traditional Western thought and those who do not believe in alternative methods of healing. Western medicine concerns itself with treating symptoms and illnesses, whereas quantum healing is part of a holistic, proactive approach.

Quantum healing practitioners use their healing hands to move energy, whereas Western medicine practitioners use procedures and drugs to treat patients.

Quantum healing re-energizes troubled areas in our patients, whether they be mental or physical. By removing negative energy and creating a positive energy flow, we can rebalance ourselves and create healing.

What Is Energy Healing Good For

Over the course of our lives, polluted air, bad food, EMFs, and other toxins impact us on a cellular level. Stress and tension are also two of the biggest causes of emotional and physical distress.

The core concept of quantum energy healing is to work with the mind to remove blocks  and heal physical and emotional ailments. It is effective for those suffering from PTSD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other disorders in the body and mind.

Energy healing has also been known to greatly improve:

  • Cravings and addictions – Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been trauma or physical pain. Many patients have found that improving their energy flow and mind-body awareness can help them to take control and break the cycles of craving and addiction. Eventually, patients are restored to a peaceful, healthy state where they are not reliant on substances to feel at ease.
  • High blood pressure – Since quantum therapy enhances your body’s natural energy flow, it can be very effective in reducing stress, which is a leading cause of high blood pressure. Many patients find they are able to control their blood pressure with quantum energy healing and thus avoid the need for medication.
  • Fertility and hormonal imbalances – Stress can wreak havoc on balance, particularly hormonal balance, which can negatively impact fertility and hormone regulation. When stressed, your body is in survival mode, which quickens your breathing, makes your heart pump faster, and tenses your muscles. In addition, stress can trigger an increase of certain hormones while depressing the production of others. Quantum energy healing can help your breathing and your heart rate slow so systems can regulate and restore hormonal balance.
  • Sleeping disruptions – Many patients who have tried unsuccessfully to combat sleeping disorders find that products that channel quantum energy help relax and calm their senses to the point where they are able to quiet their mind and sleep soundly.
  • Anxiety and depression – Since quantum energy healing clears out negative energy, it can also help balance brain chemistry, and therefore it can be very useful for patients struggling with anxiety and depression. Over time, patients can help rewire their brains so that their mind will message their bodies to be present in the moment and relax.
  • Relationships – The way you handle your emotions impacts everyone around you. The beauty of quantum energy healing is that you will start to realize your own potential. And when that happens, you will see that the life force that flows through you flows through all of us. And when you feel the power of that life force you will be able to positively influence your environment.

The possibilities for quantum energy healing to have real, lasting effects are so inspiring. Increasing mind-body awareness lets you take your health into your own hands. When you begin to understand that we are all made of energy, you can slowly begin to heal yourself through breathing exercises, visualization, and detoxing from stress before it does serious damage. When you learn how to harness your life force, it’s a powerful experience that can restore vitality and harmony, setting you on a healthier road.


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