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The Impact of EMF on Brain Health: Strategies for Protection

Continuous technological advancements, though beneficial, have also brought on a silent danger, EMF exposure. Our cell phones, computers, smart meters, routers, televisions, radios, X-ray machines, and cell phone towers emit varying degrees of electromagnetic frequencies.

This post looks at the impact of EMFs on brain health and strategies you can implement for protection.

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How EMFs can affect brain health

When EMFs enter your brain, they directly interfere with neurons. Neurons play an essential role, acting as information messengers. They send instructions to different parts of your brain, spinal cord, and the whole body.

Studies indicate that continuous EMF exposure to brain cells can cause the development of neurological and cognitive issues such as sleep disturbance or poor sleeping patterns, dizziness, tremors, and loss of concentration.

In addition, some reports suggest that electromagnetic frequencies can also cause gradual memory loss. For instance, researchers found that rats passing in amaze with heightened EMFs had slower memory and learning functions.


EMFs and mental health

The brain is at the center of a person’s mental health, and since EMFs can affect your brain, they can lead to mental health problems.

Dr. Tassaloti, a psychologist, found that EMFs can cause reduced levels of chemicals like dopamine, phenylethylamine, and serotonin in the brain. Afterward, a patient could start feeling depressed and irritable, and experience increased stress.

Strategies for protection against EMF exposure to the brain

Now that you understand the side effects EMF exposure to the brain can cause, below are ways to protect yourself against such.


Use your phone safely.

Place your phone on airplane mode, especially when not using it. While receiving or making a call, keep the device away from your body; you can do so by using the speaker feature.

Even on loudspeaker mode, please don’t place the device on your torso and ensure its back isn’t close to others, especially children, as they are more susceptible to radiation.

Avoid making calls inside a car, elevator, train, or in rural areas; the device will have to work extra to maintain a signal, thus causing higher EMF exposure. Also, using your phone while driving poses plenty of risks, similar to driving while intoxicated, as you won’t concentrate fully.

Phones generally use lesser radiation when sending messages compared to voice calls. So send more text messages and only make calls ( video or audio) when necessary.

While shopping for a new phone, thoroughly review the fine print and get one with a low SAR ( Specific Absorption Rate).

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Get a landline for home use. 

By landline, we don’t mean cordless phones; they are similar to regular cell phones and emit equal amounts of electromagnetic radiation.

However, old-school landlines have little EMF output and can function even when a significant power failure or cell towers aren’t working.


Secure your bedroom 

While sleeping, it’s essential to ensure you have EMF protection. You can do so by turning off the WiFi router before bed, placing your phone on airplane mode, or, better yet, turning it off.

Please remove all wireless items from your bedroom, or turn them off at night. You can even get non-electrical alarms; they don’t produce electromagnetic radiation.

Never place your phone under the pillow while sleeping; it exposes your brain to direct electromagnetic radiation.

Consider getting EMF protection devices.

Get a few devices that provide EMF protection for home or office spaces to make your measures more effective, for you spend a lot of time in these areas.

There are also EMF protection necklaces and other EMF jewelry that will significantly lower exposure.

While searching for a suitable protection device, check the product reviews and ensure that the company is fully certified, as plenty of non-functioning products are in the market.


Replace wireless with wired devices.

Some devices, like wireless headphones, earphones, mice, and keyboards, expose you to varying amounts of radiation daily. Replace them with wired options, and even then, reduce your interaction with these devices to only when necessary.

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Final words

Brain health is central to your overall well-being, so you must constantly implement measures for protection. Leela Quantum Tech has plenty of certified products you can use that also provide quantum energy healing.


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