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Harnessing Quantum Energy for Stress Relief: An Introduction

Can The Right Energy Reduce Your Stress?

We all know that stress can be potentially damaging to your health. Heart disease, depression and anxiety can all get exacerbated by high levels of stress. However, the cure to your stress might lie in examining your relationship to your energy. Stress can ultimately be draining by putting unnecessary pressure on our minds, emotions, and bodies. Could the solution be quantum energy?

Quantum energy is a form of energy that can be both healing and restorative. Think of it as pure positive energy that you can use to charge items, water, and boost your energy levels and mood just by being in contact. Can quantum energy be the cure for the countless negative things that impact your energy? Can it offer a clean boost to your energy and mood? 

What Is Quantum Energy?

A lot of disease in the human body can be caused by free radicals. Everything from air pollution to alcohol to fried foods can have free radicals. They can even be caused by your body being under intense stress. 

Free radicals are essentially atoms hungry for electrons that try to fill their deficit by stealing electrons from human cells. Their attempts to pull electrons from human cells puts them under oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the cause of aging and so many diseases. 

Quantum energy just might be the solution because it’s essentially the opposite of free radicals. Quantum energy is pure positive energy that provides your body with access to energy that can neutralize these free radicals by feeding them. Quantum energy also harmonizes the electromagnetic fields of our devices, 5G, and wi-fi and other forms of radiation that our bodies must work to tolerate. 

One study found that exposure to quantum energy caused a jump in ATP production by 20-29%. ATP is the unit of energy for the cellular level. Not only does quantum energy provide energy it boosts your body’s ability to utilize its resources for natural energy. 

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So often, we attempt to chase higher energy with caffeine and other stimulants. Rather than creating energy they can often cause us more stress. We needed a  boost but are left with jitteriness, dehydration, and a mood that’s simply more reactive than proactive. This can only exacerbate our stress. 

By functioning in a heightened state of stress we might feel like we have more energy. However, that’s not sustainable and we can inevitably crash. Quantum energy surrounds your cells with positive energy which can help alleviate some of the natural oxidative stress your body can be under while also boosting your energy level.

Quantum energy also helps create a more uplifting vibration to ensure that your mood is more elevated and your head is clearer. How does it do that?  

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How Can Quantum Energy Help Reduce Stress?

A few different things cause stress in our lives. Sure, some trauma and tribulations are unavoidable. However, a lot of what causes us stress is cultural and can be avoided. 

A bad mood or attitude can cause us to make our problems worse by responding from a negative place. Fear and anxiety can cause us to make rash decisions and be more prone to make mistakes. Anger can increase the amount of conflict in our lives if we’re more reactionary or confrontational. 

So often we can be in fight or flight mode, which is a stress response, rather than clear-headed or relaxed. Our body is prepared for a life or death situation when we really just have a tight deadline or a packed day. 

The issue with this stress response is it is often not intentional. We can ignore that we are constantly chasing the highs of stimulants that we can end up over-caffeinated. Or we spend so much energy focusing on work we don’t take adequate time to rest and reset to come back to our work with a clear mind. 

Ironically, our fixation on doing “perfect” or more amounts of work can keep us from being more efficient or taking the proper downtime to return to work when we can be more effective. After all, sometimes the slightest rest can give us the ability to generate better work and function at our best. 

Stress is so often caused by a lack. We don’t have enough time to finish something so we feel stressed. We didn’t get enough sleep so we’re sluggish and less focused. We don’t have enough money so we feel anxious. You skip a meal so you’re more hangry and likely to respond with an attitude. These emotions can be distracting.

Often we might be in need of something: more down time, more sleep, or our body may need sustenance. Quantum energy can help ensure that you are not operating at a deficit by providing you with pure energy. It will not eliminate a lack of sleep or food but it can help you be more cognizant of how you’re feeling and what your body needs to deal with it head on.  

Stress can also be caused by negative emotions. Certain emotions are described as negative because they’re draining. Dr. David Hawkins created a scale of emotions. He found certain emotions existed in the Victim/Abuser mindset like shame, guilt, apathy, grief and fear. Those are at the lowest energy level on his scale. 

Emotions higher than that exist in the self-empowerment field of emotions including desire, pride, courage and acceptance. The highest level of emotions are the self-realization scope of emotions featuring peace, love, joy and enlightenment. 

Quantum energy ensures that the general emotional tone is higher. If someone with a lower vibrational mode enters your space, quantum energy can help mitigate the effects of their mood. Rather than trying to feed off your energy to maintain their negative emotion, your quantum energy boost can help you better engage with them. 

Stress can not only put you in a bad mood, it can increase your chances of developing disease. 

One study found a connection between stress disorders and autoimmune disorders. Stress can also increase your inflammation which can lead to cancer and other diseases. Stress also changes how your body normally reacts. Stress hormones like cortisol change immune system responses, suppresses your digestive system and can interrupt your reproductive system and certain growth processes. 

How Does Quantum Energy Affect Human Health? 

In addition to affecting our natural levels of ATP and boosting our moods to higher vibrational emotions, quantum energy can affect us in different ways. In depth analysis of water molecules has found that not only is water affected by our intentions, quantum energy can have a profound effect on the makeup of their molecules.

Dr. Masaru Emoto pioneered research into how water molecules are affected by our intentions. In his now famous study, Emoto’s team examined the formations of ice crystals of water and how they would vary wildly if charged with certain emotions. 

Similarly, the effect of quantum energy products on water were examined in a study. Similar to the initial experiment, water exposed to quantum energy boasted higher quality crystals with more elaborate and beautiful crystal formations. 

Products like the Leela Quantum Bloc or Energy Frequency Cards can give you direct access to quantum energy. They can help boost your energy levels, vitality, and help your body function more effectively. This can help decrease some of the physical causes of your stress while giving you what you need: more energy, a clearer mind, and a more positive attitude. 

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Stress is a natural part of life. However, we take for granted how much it can impact our health and how it can just make a negative mood or experience worse. By addressing your funky energy levels, need for a boost and the natural drains on your vitality, quantum energy can help by dealing with all of these with pure clean energy. 

Rather than relying on problematic stimulants or bad habits that can only leave you feeling worse you can use the benefits provided by quantum energy to fix your mood, boost your vitality, or help protect your peace of mind. 


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