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Nurturing Plants and Trees: How Quantum Energy Supports Green Spaces

For years, the term quantum energy was only mentioned by physicists and almost unheard of among the general public. But with continuous research and technological advancement, we have understood how it works and its advantages.

This post looks at how quantum energy supports the growth of plants and trees.  

What is quantum energy?

Quantum energy refers to an unseen amount of energy in all forms of matter, including inside the human cells and the world around us. According to physicians, “quantum” is a single unit with the lowest energy needed to launch a reaction.

In simpler terms, quantum energy occurs in tiny particles like atoms, protons, and charges too small for you to see with the naked eye but powerful enough to effect significant change on the globe.

Even though quantum energy sounds futuristic, it’s not entirely new. The term has been around for years only in different names like life force, prana, or chi. 

Houseplants in Modern Stylish Pots
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Benefits of quantum energy to plants and trees

Prevents EMF damage

While technology provides numerous benefits to humans, it also has a downside: releasing vast amounts of EMFs into the environment. According to research, the increased EMF (electromagnetic frequency) pollution severely affects the growth of plants and trees. Below are some of the ways EMFs affect trees and plants: 

Reduces chlorophyll production 

Plants can produce their food using photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a method by which plants utilize chlorophyll, a green molecule that lets them absorb the sun’s energy and build tissue.

Plants require sufficient amounts of chlorophyll to survive and grow to their maximum potential. 

However, a recent study indicates that increased EMF radiation may lower a plant’s ability to produce sufficient chlorophyll. 

The researchers observed that when seedlings of the black locust plant experienced EMF radiation, they made less chlorophyll, and the reduction continued even after the exposure.

Alters plant enzymes

Plants require enzymes ( specialized proteins) so they can be able to break down nutrients into smaller molecules that plants can absorb through cell walls.

While in the initial growth face, plant enzymes must have zero interference, as it can result in unbalanced pH, inner temperature changes, and enzyme denaturation. 

Studies indicate that plants exposed to EMFs for a prolonged period experienced enzyme alteration, which caused insufficient nutrition and premature death.

Affects seed germination 

For plants to grow to maturity and produce fruits, they must first undergo a critical step: germination. 

However, numerous reports suggest that electromagnetic frequency radiation can affect germination. 

For example, Dr. Olle Johanson and Dr. Marie Claire Cammaerts conducted a study using watercress seeds. The researchers placed some watercress seeds close to GSM cell towers and others far away from the cell towers. 

They observed seeds near the towers browned and eventually died, while those far from the EMF source germinated fully. 

Cannabis hemp seeds ready for germination
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Inadequate plant growth

Despite EMF presence, some plants manage to germinate and grow. However, the threat doesn’t end there. 

Plants typically grow in steps. They start as a sprout containing essential nutrients needed for germination. After germination, the plant is vegetative and focuses all its energy on increasing foliage and stalks.

After a while, the plant reaches the budding phase, forming buds. Flowering quickly follows and is replaced by the growth of fruits.

Throughout the process, plants and trees require a healthy environment, without which they won’t grow properly.

Quantum energy, which also possesses quantum healing properties, can protect plants from EMF exposure and prevent the above-stated side effects.

Quantum energy products you can use to help your plants and trees.

Plenty of quantum energy products are in the market, but only a few work. That’s why you must pick products from a well-known and reputable company.

Leela Quantum Tech has a variety of items that can provide the needed quantum energy for indoor and outdoor plants. 

For instance, LeelaQ has a Quantum Bloc that can help you to nutralize EMFs not only for humans but plants.You can use it to charge your potted plants, trees, and jewelry. The Bloc can also make your plants grow faster and healthier.

Final Words

Plants and trees are vital in our lives, providing food, cleaning the air, and more. Hence, we must provide them with an environment that guarantees their success. Quantum energy does that, as it will protect the trees and plants from EMFs, ensure germination, and facilitate proper growth.


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