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Emoto Institute Analysis: Leela Quantum Products structure and charge your water!

Who is Dr. Masaru Emoto?

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese Scientist who proved that our thoughts and intentions can effect physical matter through his experiments with water. He studied water and how it physically changes when exposed to human sound, thoughts, and intentions. Dr. Emoto found that water exposed to positive intention would form more “perfect” crystals when frozen and water exposed to negative intentions would form random crystals. Similarly, water from a clean, natural source will have more perfect crystals than a polluted water source. His legacy continues through his son, Hiro Emoto, and the Emoto Institute Japan.  The Emoto Institute Japan tested our Leela Quantum Tech to study and visualize their effect on water.

The Analysis

The goal of this study was to visualize the physical effect on water from Leela Quantum Tech products. The products used for the study are the Quantum Bloc and the Quantum Bottle. To visualize the changes in the water, it is frozen and photographed under a microscope. Three separate samples were studied and photographed:

1. Control Sample. Distilled water with no Quantum Charge

2. Distilled water after being in Leela Quantum Bottle for 10 minutes

3. Distilled water after being in Leela Quantum Bloc for 3 minutes.

Dr Emoto Institute

The Results

As you can see from the above photos, the water samples exposed to Leela Quantum Tech have more structurally “perfect” or “beautiful” crystals compared to the control. The control sample had only 1 beautiful crystal while the Quantum Bottle sample had 3 and the Quantum Bloc sample had 5 beautiful crystals. The Emoto Institute Japan confirms that the Leela Quantum Tech products significantly improve the energy of water. Here is what Hiro Emoto had to say about our technology:

“The Leela Quantum Bloc improved the energy of water significantly within only 3 minutes. From only one beautiful crystal in the control water, the treated water then had five beautiful crystals. The Leela Quantum Bottle also optimized the water. In 10 minutes, it changed from only one beautiful crystal to three beautiful crystals.”


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