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Quantum Energy Healing Techniques and Benefits

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Exploring Different Treatments for Your Energy 

We are becoming more unified in our understanding of the human body and exploring more strategies for wellness. We aren’t focusing only on organ function or diet and nutrition but on the human being as a whole and that includes our energy. We’re embracing eastern traditions like yoga, ayurveda and reflexology and many strategies that directly tackle issues with our energy.

Physical and emotional trauma, unexpressed and repressed emotions, and trapped physical tension can all lead to disease. Many are starting to embrace the idea of disease as the dis-ease of our energy flow through the body. Trapped, stagnant, or even negative energy can start to manifest as physical ailments.

While that may seem a bit outlandish to some, especially die-hard western medicine fans, many eastern traditions including herbal medicine and reflexology examine the flow of energy and body fluids and the connections of various ailments to trapped energies in the body. 

Traditional Chinese medicine embraces the idea of the three treasures: qi, shen, and jing which are all various forms of energy. Qi (chi) and prana in ayurveda are historical correspondences to what physicists call quantum energy.

Quanta are considered the smallest unit of energy. It’s the energy that makes up everything in the universe. There are some age-old traditions that used quantum energy as a tool for healing energy dysfunction or unlocking suppressed emotions.

These different forms of energy healing address these trapped energies that can end up becoming physical illness and ideally cut them off at the pass. This post will cover a few different forms of energy healing techniques that use quantum energy and some of the benefits.

While the names may vary based on their cultures of origin, they all tend to follow the same concept. A practitioner or a tool is used essentially as a conduit of energy and that energy flows into the patient bringing their energy into alignment.

Crystal Healing

Crystals are all the rage and humans have been mining and collecting precious stones throughout history. The general understanding of crystal healing is that various crystals correspond to different frequencies or have different energetic significances.

These energetic correlations can help in addressing various energetic or emotional issues.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall lists how various crystals correspond to the energy flow in different organ systems, aid in certain emotions, and can address various ailments.

Crystals can be used to amplify certain emotions, to help remedy trapped or stagnant energies, and many believe they can also absorb energy.

There have not been many studies regarding crystal healing. One study out of Pakistan found many intersections into attitudes about crystal healing and proposed that more study would benefit the community.

While science has not given much credence to crystal healing they do acknowledge that even a placebo effect could be beneficial to users. The placebo effect has been used to test medication  Additionally, crystals can be naturally grounding. Holding a stone can help you with centering yourself, mindfulness, not to mention the aesthetics can boost your mood.

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Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a form of quantum energy healing developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, a noted spiritual teacher and chemist. Prana is the ayurvedic term for quantum energy or the life force of the body. Pranic healing is centered on removing unhealthy, used-up energy and energizing parts of the body where energy is depleted.

A pranic healer will balance your body’s biofield to  ensure the flow of your prana is flowing in a healthy way. The biofield exists 3-6 inches outside the body. There hasn’t been much study into biofield physiology but we are becoming more aware of how our body has its own bioelectromagnetic field.

Strategies of pranic healing involve unblocking energy meridians, energizing organ systems, and strengthening your aura’s defenses. Pranic healers will correct these energetic imbalances so your body can regulate and regenerate itself.

A pranic healing session will often begin with o a scan of your body to note any blockages or stagnant energy. Negative energy or blockages are removed often by pulling the energy and grounding it into rock salt. The practitioner will then pour water or lay hands over areas that require additional prana.

Not much study has been done on pranic healing as it isn’t as popular or well known as some other energy healing traditions but one study found it successful in treating depression. Additionally, having an energy healing session can be naturally relaxing and taking the time to confront the drains on your energy can help you shift your mindset.

Quantum Tech

Again, not all healing techniques require a practitioner. Leela Quantum Tech has created various products that provide you with direct access to quantum energy. This quantum energy, like with other modalities, provides your body with an influx of energy for it to right any imbalances or dispel any negative energies.

The H.E.A.L.® Capsule gives you a wearable necklace that you can fill with titanium spheres that are charged with quantum energy. You can decide how much energy you need and that gives your body direct access to a source of quantum energy that can help your body address any energetic imbalances.

The Quantum Bloc provides you with your own regular source of quantum energy. You can charge anything from items to food or even beverages. By laying them on the quantum bloc you can charge them so they can provide you with quantum energy.

Quantum tech gives you regular access to quantum energy that allows you to function better in spite of energetic issues so that your body can naturally address these. They can help uplift your energy levels and mood. 

Quantum Tech has been found to help with wound healing, address some of the cell denaturation caused by EMFs, and can even repel EMFs.  This tech has also been credited with boosting energy and mood in clients. 

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The most common form of quantum energy healing on this list has to be Reiki (pronounced ray-key). This is a Japanese form of energy healing popularized by Mikao Usui. Reiki practitioners are able to channel subtle energy that helps address energetic imbalances in the body.

There are some major precepts to reiki:

  • Just for today, I will not worry.
  • Just for today, I will not be angry.
  • Just for today, I will be grateful.
  • Just for today, I will do my best work.
  • Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Reiki practitioners commit themselves to these precepts. There are also three levels of reiki mastery. In reiki, you can be a reiki master at 3 levels:

  • Level 1: Heal Yourself
  • Level 2: Heal Others
  • Level 3: Attune Others to Receive Reiki

Reiki is named for the Japanese words rei meaning universal and ki meaning life energy. Reik healers help facilitate the patient’s own healing response and return them to a state of physical and emotional balance and well-being by imbuing them with subtle energy.

Reiki sessions often have a patient lie down while the master balances their energy through light touch or hovering just above the patient’s energy meridians and chakras.

Studies into reiki have found that it is more successful than the placebo effect which is not the case with some medications. Another reiki study has found it successful in pain management and palliative care.

Besides helping with pain management and facilitating healing, reiki also naturally provides relaxation. Also, the general precepts of reiki are true words to live by as increasing kindness and removing anger and worry from your life can help with addressing many of our issues.

Yoga & Qigong

Yoga and Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) are ancient forms of exercise that involve poses, exercises, breathing techniques, and meditations. It is designed to improve health, prevent disease, and enhance overall well-being.

While the specifics of each practice can differ, they both address the flow of qi or prana through the body and use various exercises and training to manage the flow of this energy.

The goal of each practice is to balance your energy by getting your mind, body and energy in sync. As you work to coordinate your breath with each movement, and achieve mindfulness you integrate your mind, body and spirit.

There are many different styles but most forms combine repeated movements, breathing techniques, self-massage, focused intent or imagination, and meditation.

Sessions can involve holding postures to either strengthen or relax certain muscle groups. The goal is to have your body come into greater alignment to facilitate better energy flow. Additionally, your work to get in alignment with your breath which many believe is the source of prana or qi.

Yoga has been around for over 3,000 years and its popularity and benefits are widely known.
There have been numerous studies into the benefits of qigong as well. One study has shown that there are various physical benefits to qigong. It’s also been explored as a treatment for Parkinsons, heart failure, depression during chronic illness, and fibromyalgia.

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Our bodies are made of energy. We tend to focus our view of health on what we eat or how our body feels. However, the flow of our energy and its quality is also a major concern. These various strategies at energy healing can help you better familiarize yourself with what in your life may be impacting your energy. Many of these strategies also affect mental and emotional aspects of your life to better manage your health in that way too.

Energy is all around us and our relationship with it should be healthy, too. Ideally, these strategies and techniques might give you insights into new ways of managing your health and taking care of yourself.


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