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EMF Protection And Travel

Whether for leisure or business, there’s no doubt that air is the highly-preferred option for travel. However, the mounting concern of electrostress from electromagnetic force (EMF) exposure during flights is drawing more attention. 

High-intensity radiation from EMFs can produce side effects such as fatigue and headaches. In addition to dealing with brutal jetlag recovery, there are ways to reduce travel discomfort as much as possible. 

Knowing how to protect yourself against prolonged EMF exposure will help make your travel days more tolerable and safer on a much deeper level. 

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Summer is approaching, and people are itching to cash in their vacation hours. All people can think about is having a “relaxing time.” The irony is that getting to their vacation is anything but relaxing. High levels of stress are inevitable. EMF exposure can exacerbate this. 

Even the amount of radiation from full body scans at security checkpoints is minor compared to the amount of EMF exposure in flight. 

Did you know that a 7-hour flight is equivalent to an X-ray? A typical X-ray will expose a person to about ten days’ of natural radiation in a single sitting. A frequent flyer who has traveled over 100,000 miles in a year would be exposed to radiation worth over 20 chest X-rays. 

Some minor side effects from chronic exposure to EMFs can include headaches, sleep disturbances, dizziness, and increased stress levels.

While daily, we are constantly surrounded by sources of EMF our vulnerability increases on flights. At greater altitudes, there’s greater cosmic radiation due to less protection from the earth’s atmospheric shielding. In other words, the air is thinner so there are fewer molecules to deflect harmful cosmic or solar radiation. 

In-flight EMF sources include:

  • Chargers
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Cellphones 
  • Natural radiation (solar and cosmic rays)
  • Airplanes themselves (yes, even the jet engines!)
  • In-flight connectivity, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)

In fact, airline flight crew members are classified as “radiation workers” since there’s a concern that frequent exposure on long flights can cause chromosomal damage. While results from studies vary about the extent of DNA damage, there’s enough conclusive evidence to encourage taking protective measures. 


Traveling is already stressful enough, so any measures to avoid adding to the experience are worth considering. 

EMF protective equipment aims to normalize external radiation wavelengths and reduce interference with the body’s intrinsic electricity. By using these preventative measures and modalities, you can take control and block out these detrimental and unnecessary side effects. 

Being squished like sardines for long hours isn’t always ideal, and in-flight entertainment is what we depend on to get through harrowing travel days. Stay protected when listening to your favorite podcast or catching up on the latest TV series by:

  • Using specific EMF protective equipment 
  • Using old-school cables to reduce Bluetooth 
  • Activate airplane mode
  • Put away or distance devices not in use 
  • Eat an antioxidant diet to protect from free radicals
  • Prevent direct body contact

By taking proactive measures, you are mitigating the more minor EMF effects (insomnia and dizziness) while also decreasing the more dangerous risks like cell modification that can increase cancer, fertility difficulties, and Alzheimer’s. 

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Lee Quantum Tech offers advanced energy wellness products to protect and reduce the amount of electrostress while in transit. 

The EMF Shielding Collection includes t-shirts, jackets, hats, and even undergarments that are as protective as they are comfortable. Although EMF wavelengths are low-frequency, they can still penetrate through your clothing

At higher altitudes, the amount of electrostress is much higher due to added intensity from solar and cosmic radiation. Flight cabins also have smaller real estate so keeping your electronic devices at a safe distance when in use can be a challenge. 


“Safe travels” takes on a whole new meaning with air travel being an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Although EMF exposure in small doses is unlikely to cause any serious harm, the unique environment of an airplane subjects travelers to heightened levels of electrostress. 

Ultimately, being a well-informed traveler can make all the difference. By understanding the sources and impacts of EMF radiation and utilizing available protective measures, you can ensure that your journey is not only enjoyable but also safer.


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