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7 Tips For Neutralizing Negative Frequencies in Your Home

Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary, a safe space; however, sometimes, the house’s energy may seem off and unconducive. In such instances, you have to take immediate action to restore balance.

This post highlights practical ways you can neutralize negative frequencies in your house. Let’s dive in.

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Common causes of negative energy in the house

Bad vibes, mostly known as negative energy, tend to creep into a home due to a variety of causes, and they include;


Losing a loved one, a job, or a business venture can make you feel sad and weighed down, which in turn brings in negative energy.


Piling items together, especially those you rarely or never use, also called cluttering, may block the normal flow of positive energy around your home. As a result, you will keep negative energy in the house while hindering the entry of positive healing energy.


While you are ill, you will not function optimally and will have low spirits; all these factors attract negative energy.


Making massive changes, such as adopting a pet, getting a child, or marrying, brings new energy to your house. The different energies interacting could lead to confusion and negative frequencies.


Constantly complaining, criticizing, arguing or quarreling with the people in your household creates strife and unbalanced energy in the home.

How to neutralize negative frequencies in your home

1.    Smudge Liberally

Quantum healing practitioners and shamans believe that smudging a house or even a single room (ritualistically burning a sacred plant like sage) can effectively clear negative frequencies and usher in positive energy.

Here are some critical points to guide you while smudging

  • Aim to source your materials from individual experts instead of mass retailers. For instance, if you plan to use Sage, look for small—to medium-sized businesses that source it sustainably.
  • Have matches or candles ready to relight the smudge stick while cleansing quickly.
  • Hold a fireproof dish under the smudge stick to prevent stray embers and ashes from scattering. An abalone shell or a clay bowl works well.
  • Keep a bowl of sand nearby to put out the burning smudge stick after completing the ritual.

2.    Place protective crystals around your space.

Numerous healers believe that crystals are potent; some even provide healing frequencies. So, keeping some crystals in different parts of your house can combat negative frequencies.

Use protective crystals like Spirit Quartz, Black Tourmaline, or Blue Kyanite in areas with high traffic around the home, such as the kitchen, living room and veranda.

Additionally, you can use Infinity Bloc from Leela Quantum Tech. The Infinity Bloc is designed to neutralize negative frequencies, harmonize EMFs (EMF protection), enhance vitality, and reduce stress. It’s an ideal addition to your home and self-care routine.

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3.  Throw away broken items.

Many feng shui experts have long believed broken items contain bad vibes. They also indicate that you haven’t let go of the past, which is counterproductive.

To effectively neutralize negative energy in the house, clear all electronics, decor and furnishings that are no longer functional or you don’t use them. You will feel relieved and more relaxed afterward.

4. Use salt

Salt has numerous uses, one of which is absorbing unwanted energy in a home. You can add it to water and use it to clean the house. Alternatively, pick a central spot, like a part of the living room, and place a bowl of sea salt there.

5.   Allow proper flow of air.

Air should flow freely inside and outside your home. Fresh air replaces the negative energy that may be accumulated in a room. Ensure you always open windows for at least two hours a day.

In addition, it’s preferable to shake your blankets, pillows and rugs to eradicate any harmful frequencies inside them.

6.  Go for neutral colors.

Darker colors may look cool, but they make your space smaller and bring negative frequencies. You can prevent that by balancing the colors in the house, keeping them neutral and light to invite positive frequencies.

7.   Decorate with houseplants.

House plants provide three benefits: cleaning the air, boosting healing, and deterring illness. Keep a plant like a peace lily in every room to ensure your energy and air are toxin-free.

Remember to take optimum care of the plants so they don’t fade or die out; it could bring negative frequencies.


Negative energy is detrimental. It can lead to dissatisfaction, stress, and a lack of peace in the home. Fortunately, by implementing the above tips, you can successfully eradicate negative frequencies and have a happier, more inviting home.


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