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Beautiful woman on beach holding healing crystals

Crystal Healing For Beginners: How To Use Crystals For Optimal Health

For centuries, ancient civilizations, sages, and healers have relied on the power of crystals due to their immense healing properties. They discovered these shiny items are ideal for tackling spiritual, mental, and physical problems.

This post defines crystal healing and explains how using crystals improves your health.

What are healing crystals?

Healing crystals utilize natural energy to heal the body, soul, and mind. The primary aims of working with them are to: 

  • Release blocked energy 
  • Remove bad energy
  • Transform your aura
  • Increase positive energy 

Using crystal healing for positive results

Below, we look at the four common ways you can use crystals for optimal health.

Wearing them as jewelry

You can wear crystals as jewelry, for they will surround your body with excellent healing energy. 

Placing them on your body links your chakras to the immense healing power contained in the stones. 

In addition, you can also use crystals to project healing energy to people around you by wearing them on the right side, like the right hand. Whereas to absorb healing energy, you wear them on the left side.

Common types of jewelry that can involve crystals are

  • Bracelets
  • Earings
  • Rings
  • Necklaces 

Wearing crystals in jewelry such as bracelets or necklaces is highly effective since the crystals are closer to your pulse. For instance, necklace pendants hang over your heart chakra, providing the healing needs of empathy, love, and forgiveness.

Healing reiki chakra crystals on woman's hands. Gemstones for wellbeing, meditation, relaxation
© Oksana Vejus via Canva
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Bathe with crystals

Fully submerging yourself in water infused with crystal healing energy is a powerful and relaxing experience. 

Add a few crystals that match your intention to your regular bath water, and allow it to settle for a while; then you can start bathing. 


Numerous studies show that meditation is powerful, and you can maximize it using crystals. 

Choose a stone according to your intention, hold it firmly, close your eyes, and take repeated deep breaths. As you meditate, imagine healing energy from the crystal working inside you.

Place crystals in your home or office

There are healing crystals that help to clear any negative energy in your office or home environment. Additionally, they can foster love and protect you from danger.

At home, you can place a crystal in each room, preferably all the corners. At work, put some in your drawer.

How to use crystals for healing

Pick a crystal aligning with a goal or ailment you want to tackle

You need to connect the suitable healing stone to an intention to be effective. Each crystal has particular properties that deal with varying types and energy sources.

Cleanse your mind and the crystal. 

Spiritual stones tend to attune to the energy of whoever holds them, so you need to eliminate all competing and negative thoughts. 

In addition, it’s preferable to use the stones in a quiet place where you won’t be quickly interrupted. A relaxed environment helps you stay focused. 

It’s also critical that you first clean your crystal once you get it. All stones and crystals originate from the earth, so they contain energy absorbed from nature. Moonlight, sunlight, and water are the most efficient ways of cleansing crystals. 

It’s also essential to check the crystal properties to see if you can cleanse it with water, as not all crystals should be submerged. For some, you only place them near a window so they can recharge with energy from the moon or sun.

It’s worth noting that healing crystals work by transferring energy into your body; hence, it’s vital that you cleanse them after every use.

Chunks of Crystals in Stone Plate
© Karolina Grabowska via Pexels
Black stone with the inscription Believe
© Zerbor via Canva

Pick a method to work with the crystal.

As explained earlier in the post, you can utilize healing crystals in several ways. However, the critical factor is to set and stay firm in your intention. The healing power from these stones is adequate only if there is a clear purpose. 

Be consistent 

Crystal healing doesn’t work immediately; it requires dedication and repetition. Also, remember that crystal healing isn’t a substitute for mainstream medication.


Crystal healing works, and you can experience it by following the steps outlined above.

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