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10 Simple Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure in Your Daily Life

Habits & Helpful Hints to Decrease Your Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation a

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and yet, so often we end up ignoring the toll extensive screen time and use of electronic devices can have on our health and energy. One major impact of the large number of electronic and wireless devices in our lives is the overwhelming amount of EMF exposure we can face on a pretty regular basis. 

The issue: not many people understand the issues of EMF radiation exposure. Not to mention many people may not even know what EMFs are, not to mention, we have no clear picture of the toll of the ever increasing combinations of EMFs, wi-fi, 5G and Bluetooth on the body. More devices mean more radiation so even what might be manageable can expand quicker than we think. 

Electromagnetic field
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What Are EMFs? Are They Bad?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Everything from wireless routers to computers to electric cars all create an electromagnetic field. When in close proximity we’re exposed to the radiation of that field. Not to mention the addition of wi-fi, 5G and Bluetooth waves creating more radiation exposure in our living, working, and personal spaces. 

While the international scientific community is still unclear about the full physical impact and health toll of EMF exposure, only time will tell if the consistent barrage of EMF and other lighter forms of radiation exposure will have on us, especially when combined. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged studies linking EMFs to a potential increase in likelihood towards diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. It created the International EMF Project to keep an eye on the phenomenon as technology and demand for more increases. 

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which works under the (WHO), has classified non-ionizing EMFs as a possible human carcinogen. Some researchers feel there’s already enough evidence of harm to upgrade them to an official carcinogen. 

A 2011 IARC evaluation made the connection between these EMFs and glioma which is a malignant form of brain cancer. One of the largest studies on the subject spanning 13 countries confirmed the link between cell phones and cancer. 

Additional studies into EMFs link fatigue, headache, decreased learning ability, and cognitive impairment to EMF exposure. And yet, so much of your average day is filled with electronic devices that emit radiation.

Fear not, there are simple changes you can make to ensure that you mitigate your exposure to EMFs to take better control of your cellular health. These 10 simple to implement changes can reduce the amount of EMF exposure you face. 

1. Keep Your Distance 

EMFs are more problematic the closer they are to you. Keeping your phone on your person, resting your laptop on your lap, or sitting right next to your router can all increase your exposure. Try creating at least an arm length when possible from your electronic devices. 

The more distance you keep between you and the device the more you mitigate EMF exposure. This can include keeping your phone in your bag, using speaker phone instead of holding the handset to your ear, and keeping laptops on a surface. 

There are plenty of ways to creatively put some physical space between your devices and your body and a little goes a long way. 


2. Create EMF-Free Zones

Electronic devices are a natural part of life. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice where you place them. It’s important even just for your mental health to create spaces where you don’t have electronic devices nearby. By creating EMF-free zones in your home you can create spaces for your body to regroup, recoup, and rest without pesky EMF exposure. You can also protect pets and children from EMF exposure. 

For example, you can keep your cell phone, router, and television outside of your bedroom. This will not only protect your body from EMFs but create healthy boundaries from your devices to ensure you unplug. 

You can also create a room or area of your house that’s removed from all of your devices to ensure that you’re not constantly bombarded. We often take for granted how many devices are Bluetooth enabled or Internet-accessible. By monitoring these you can make a conscious choice to protect yourself from EMFs in your home or workspace.

Turn off
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3. Limit Your Relationship with Your Phone

People are becoming more addicted to their phones thanks to the fact that everything seems to have an app, and we use it for watching TV, browsing the net, social media, and sometimes even phone calls. 

Many people are using apps to track their phone usage. If you need a little extra motivation try keeping your phone physically away from you to reduce EMF exposure. If you text rather than call, you cut down on your phone being by your brain. If you don’t carry your phone on your body in a pocket you can also help decrease exposure. Another great idea is to not  sleep with your phone in the room. This gives your body a time to rest. Speaking of…


4. The Power of Airplane Mode 

One tool in your arsenal to limit time spent on your phone is to utilize your mobile device or tablet’s Airplane mode. You may not be in flight but it does help shut off many of the sources of radiation exposure. It also allows you to wean yourself off constant phone usage by performing essential tasks you may need to while limiting how plugged you are at any given moment.

5. Spend Time In Nature… Away From Your Devices 

Camping may not be for everyone but if you ever need motivation consider how beneficial it is for your body to both connect with nature and spend time away from constant EMF exposure. Time in nature can be great for grounding your body’s bioelectric field. It’s also great to take a break from devices to connect with yourself and quiet some of the constant stimulation that can keep you distracted and overwhelmed. 

Time camping in nature can give you both a boost to your health and a break from the constant barrage of the various types of radiation at work in our lives. 


6. Bring Back the Cords

As we chase constant innovation there is some appeal to certain lo-fi solutions. If you use corded headphones, plug your devices into your router with an ethernet cord you cut down on your EMF exposure. Hardwired connections are not emitting as many EMFs because the source of the Internet connection is insulated by the wire. 

While you may love your earbuds and having all of your devices connected the more you can pare down the more you reduce your risk of excessive EMF exposure. For example, investing in an alarm clock can ensure you keep EMFs out of your bedroom.  


7. Turn Off Devices When Not In Use 

Part of the struggle of managing our EMF exposure is the pressure to always be plugged in. More of our devices rely on wi-fi or Bluetooth connections which means we’re bombarded by EMFs. However, why not try turning off your router or devices when not in use. 

This may seem like an obvious choice but we can often forget. By creating a habit of turning off devices like routers, computers, and phones when we’re not using them we give our bodies a break from EMF exposure. 

This may seem extreme at first but think about how easy it is to cut down on screen time if you aren’t actively using the Internet. Not to mention, shutting down electronic devices will cut down on your electric bills over time. 

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8. Neutralize EMFs

One way to address EMF exposure is to combat it with something that neutralizes the impact of EMFs on your body. Leela Quantum Tech offers products that not just neutralize EMF exposure but also provide you with access to healing frequencies.

The H.E.A.L. capsule offers you quantum energy that has been proven in studies using dark field microscopy that were found to neutralize the effect of EMFs on living cells. Again, with EMFs every little bit helps as we are under constant exposure. By reducing the effect on your body you help protect your health from what, over time, can increase your risk of illness.


9. Shield Yourself from EMFs

The issue with EMFs is if they get in contact with your body.  Leela Quantum Tech also offers clothing that helps insulate your body from EMF exposure. Their articles of clothing contain high grade silver that not only will shield you from 99% of the radiation caused by 3G, 4G, 5G, and other high-frequency radiation emitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi. The silver can also neutralize odors and serve as an antimicrobial agent. 


10. Research Your Devices 

It’s completely expected to do research before purchasing electronics. However, you may not be as aware of what their EMF output might be. Some EMFs can be neutralized by the right phone case or some devices have less extreme EMF radiation than others. 

Part of protecting yourself is arming yourself with an understanding of what might be happening electronically. When investing in devices like routers, televisions, and cell phones, familiarizing yourself with their radiation levels can help you make healthier and more informed decisions. 


Innovation is great, but with electronic devices and ambient radiation becoming omnipresent we have to be mindful of the overall toll it will have on the human body. While not a dire situation, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself from any potential risk of exposure and keep an eye on how much you let your devices run your life. With these simple shifts in your routine and lifestyle you can severely decrease the effect of EMFs and manage their presence in your life. 


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