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6 Tips to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

We’ve all felt it: You walk into a space and it doesn’t feel like a “happy” place, for whatever reason. Negative energy isn’t something you can see or touch, nevertheless, it is a force which can impact your mood, health, and general well-being in so many unseen ways.

It’s one thing if there is a bad vibe at the office, but your home should be a sanctuary that feels warm and welcoming and free of negative energy. If we all gave as much attention to energy cleaning as we do to dusting, mopping, and tidying, we would surely find that our space is an environment we want to spend more time in.

What Causes Negative Energy in a House?

Quantum physics states that energy and mass are interchangeable, and consequently that mass is actually a manifestation of energy. This means that everything — including a human being — is simply energy stored in mass-particle form.

Understanding that concept will give you a whole different perspective when you think of your home. You can start to understand how the energy of all the people, events, and emotions that pass through a home build up. Things like arguments, illness, sadness, and free-floating stress build up in the atmosphere and — like dust, dirt, and mold — need to be removed.

An energy cleanse helps negative energy move on to make way for lighter, brighter, more creative energy. It will help you feel better, sleep better, and if you’re moving into a new home, you will definitely want to clear up any lingering negative energy from previous owners.

Here are some tips to remove negative energy from your home.

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Remove Clutter

Marie Kondo became a celebrated author when she wrote about the amazing benefits of tidying up your home. She preaches a minimalist life by purging things that bog you down and prevent you from enjoying your space.

The very title, The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up resonated deeply with millions of readers because decluttering is truly a life-changing experience. Distilling your objects down to only those that are essential to your wants and needs helps eliminate stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore. In the book, Kondo asserts that if a thing doesn’t immediately provoke a sense of happiness and contentment, you should get rid of it. If you hold onto mementos of painful times, you are living in the past, which then prevents you from looking forward.

Bringing mindfulness to your actions and possessions and ridding your home of things that no longer serve you is an essential first step in energetic hygiene.

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Air Everything Out

Bad energy has a way of getting trapped, so the best way to start cleansing your home of negative energy is to shake out blankets and pillows and air every room out. Throw the windows open, turn fans on, and open the doors. In doing so, you let in fresh air and give stale air a chance to circulate and move out of the home. Don’t forget to open closet doors as well.

Fresh air is essential to clearing your head and your home of any stagnant, festering energy that is not serving you well.

High-Frequency Sounds

Hearing is one of our senses that can instantly impact us on a cellular level. Active musical engagement, for example, is associated with higher rates of happiness and good cognitive function. Play music that you love to bring positive associations and invite positive energy into your home.

In addition to music, it’s great to ring a bell or a gong in your home as a quick and easy way to clear up bad energy. Tibetan singing bowls are especially great because the sound vibrates throughout your entire home, releasing negative energy and purifying the space. You might also play nature sounds and Buddhist chants in your home to cleanse chakras and spaces.

Salt Cleanse

Salt therapy, or “halotherapy,” is a popular practice that involves meditating in a room filled with Himalayan sea salt. Salt cleanses alleviate stress and invite calm into the home. Some people swear by Himalayan salt lamps which help eliminate negative energy and in addition, reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation in your home.

You can also place bowls of Himalayan salt in the corners of your rooms that need energy cleansing. The salt will act as an absorbing element, clearing up toxins and negative energy in the room. After a few days, pick up the bowl of salt, and when you do, visualize the toxins and negative energy you are getting rid of as you toss it out.

Place Crystals

Crystals have been used for healing in Chinese Medicine for over 5,000 years to ward off negative feelings, improve sleep, encourage prosperity, and create harmony in the home. And these are not rare stones — many common crystals on the market work on a vibrational level and have the ability to heal and protect the wearer/user of the crystal.

Each stone has different properties that allow them to absorb and neutralize negative energy. Apart from clearing out negative energy, it is also important to bring good energy in, and crystals are great for that purpose. These are a few widely-known crystals with properties that transmute energy:

  • BLACK TOURMALINE – In addition to absorbing and neutralizing negative energy, this black crystal is helpful for relieving stress and anxiety.
  • SELENITE – This white or translucent stone has powerful purifying qualities, stimulating quiet, peace, and tranquility.
  • AMETHYST – This purple crystal has powerful cleansing and protective properties promoting peace, calm, and relaxation.
  • BLACK OBSIDIAN – The black obsidian crystal protects the wearer from harm. Try placing this stone near any electronic device that you use frequently to protect yourself from negative electronic energy.
  • CLEAR QUARTZ – Paired with other crystals, clear quartz amplifies the energies of other crystals. Place it by the front door of your home to prevent negative energy from entering.

Place crystals anywhere in your home to remove negative energy and attract positive energy.

Energy Balancing Products

We at Leela have developed products specifically for the purpose of harmonizing the energy of a space. Placing a Quantum Bloc or Infinity Bloc in one or more rooms of your home can help neutralize negative energy and prevent the accretion of new negative energy.

Your home should be your safe haven — the place where you feel happy having company over or spending time by yourself in a relaxed, happy, and peaceful atmosphere. But when bad energy lingers around, nothing is worse than coming home to a place that feels “off.” And when you have negative energy in your space, it permeates your psyche, making you feel rundown and unhappy. That is why house cleansing is so essential for your well-being. Cleansing your home regularly will reset the energy field and allow in light, space, and joy once again.


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