Leela Quantum Men’s Booster Capsule

$ 72.50

  • Fine brass material for optimal frequency transmission and usage.
  • Versatile in use.
  • Equipped with special healing frequencies
  • Studied and Certified by Besa and IGEF Institutes
  • For home use and on the road.
  • Frequency created by K. Elmer.

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  • Extra Necklace

    • 3.5 $

The multi-purpose accessory for every situation.

You can wear the Leela Quantum Capsule like a piece of jewelry around your neck, take it with you in your pocket or use it as a quantum energy charger at home. The capsule can be filled with up to five titanium balls, all charged with neutral frequencies. This makes them ideal for transmitting quantum energy and frequencies and passing them onto other elements and materials. Whether you want to enhance the quality of your tap water, preserve your food longer, or provide yourself with positive frequencies, the capsule offers you unlimited possibilities.

“My intent for the boosters was to create a frequency set from supplements that target the main focus people my age (mid life) and older have for our health. So I amassed a large collection of supplements that research has shown are very beneficial to help us keep our brains sharp, our immune systems strong, keep stress at bay and support anti-aging.

For the men’s, I also included testosterone support and for the women’s, supplements to help regulate hormones and support hair, nail, skin and bone health. The research took several months and in either booster, the total amount spent on supplements was over $1,000.”