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Leela Quantum Jacket Men

$ 219.00

The Leela Quantum Jacket is a health-focused outerwear garment that’s designed to enhance the wellness of the wearer in a way that they might not have considered. The jacket features a lining achieved with high purity silver that works to prevent over 99% of electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation from reaching the wearer, which helps to protect from unwanted effects. This lining also works to naturally fight illness and stay clean thanks to its antimicrobial, anti fungal and antiviral capabilities.

Please check out the tab with size and respective dimensions of the jacket. For Europeans and Americans we recommend to order the larger size if you’re uncertain which would be the best fit for you. Thank you!

Awaken your overall power, health, and well-being with the Leela Quantum Jacket antimicrobial coat. Offering antiviral and antifungal properties, this piece of apparel can help you realize your overall potential. In fact, unlike other coats, this one can actually provide daily protection from potentially harmful exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). From Wi-Fi to microwaves and 3G to 5G, these frequencies are everywhere. Rather than suffer possible negative consequences, wear the Leela Jacket. This antimicrobial coat looks like a normal black jacket on the outside. On the inside, however, it has a quantum-energy-charged 99.9 purity silver lining that stops up to 99% of EMF from impacting your body. Not only that, but the silver fabric also improves your health with its antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. It can even result in positive effects on your blood. Tested and certified by third-party institutes, this quantum coat prioritizes your well-being.



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