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3-in-1 Olympic Capsule

$ 145.00

  • Finely Crafted with pure brass.
  • Powerful Energy: Seven titanium spheres charged with an advanced Leela Bloc system that is calibrated at 2,200 on the Hawkins scale.
  • Boost Performance: Gold sphere with Olympic Performance Frequency.
  • Stay Joyful: Silver sphere radiating the Happiness Frequency. 
  • Wear Your Way: Go neutral or full power with a versatile design.
  • Included Lanyard: Chic and stylish. You can purchase a quantum-charged golden stainless steel necklace as an option.

100 In Stock


Introducing the Super Capsule, the perfect combination of the Olympic Performance Frequency and Happiness Frequency designed to support optimal physical and mental health. Each Capsule is charged with an advanced Leela Bloc system that calibrates at 2,200 on the Hawkins scale, so you have all the neutral energy you need plus two additional frequencies.

This Capsule has five titanium spheres AS WELL AS one golden and one silver sphere. The golden sphere is charged with the Olympic Performance Frequency – perfect for any type of physical activity or sport, whether it’s intense workouts, practice, or competition. This frequency supports antioxidant protection to the mitochondria to help your cells stay younger and perform at their best. On top of that, it is designed to increase ATP levels, reducing system loss and optimizing synthesis, muscle performance and recovery.

The Capsule is ideal for when you need to leverage your full potential, e.g. during a competition, tournament or important practice. If you’re not allowed to wear any jewelry while competing, you can simply carry the golden titanian sphere in your pocket. While not as powerful as using it together with the capsule, the golden sphere is charged with the Olympic Performance Frequency and can help you attune to the source of energy you need.

Not only may this capsule help your body stay fit and healthy as you do your part with exercise and a healthy diet – but the silver sphere charged with the Happiness Frequency helps realign your energy system so you can feel more joy and contentment in all areas of life. All you need to do is keep this Capsule close to your body. You can enhance its effectiveness by focusing on something positive or peaceful – the more time you spend in this practice, the easier it will become for your body to maintain its connection with joyful emotions. 

With our 3-in-1 Super Capsule, you can look forward to both optimal physical performance and emotional well-being!!

Good Vibes and Kind Words

from Our Happy Customers

Melissia B.
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I used your new Leela Q H.E.A.L. card yesterday. It’s really beautiful! Starting with the gorgeous healing purple bag! Such a nice quality! Love the material and design of the card! I held the card against my chest for about 20 min last night and I got very sleepy. I slept so good last night but may not of been a fair test due to how my day went. This morning I took the old HEAL frequency, Happy card, your new HEAL card and several other cards I have made with different frequencies and closed my eyes and muscle tested each card not knowing which one my husband was holding against me.... I tested 3 different times which one was the most beneficial and each time my body picked the new Leela Q H.E.A.L. card. I’m currently charging me a brass capsule with the frequency. Thank you! 🙏❤️
Felix B.
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I’m very impressed with the new Leela quantum capsule and its new H.E.A.L. frequency set. It’s the most powerful capsule I’ve tried so far and I really like it’s brass. A very special product.

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