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Enhancing Your Psychic Potential in the Digital Age: Tips and Techniques

Ways to Enhance Psychic Ability & Open Your Third Eye

Have you ever thought of someone before they call you? How about knowing something you shouldn’t otherwise know? Have you ever met someone and instantly had a “bad vibe” and they proved to be bad news for a friend or family member? The days of psychics being thought of as fortune tellers or charlatans are over. 

We are entering into a major paradigm shift as a society. We’re moving towards a greater, more holistic understanding of ourselves, expanding our conception of the mind-body connection and exploring more of what has otherwise been known as “psychic” phenomena. 

That being said, we’re not even super aware of how much this digital age is robbing us of focus, whittling down our attention spans, and causing us to struggle with basic human empathy and connection. And yet, we still binge-watch television shows, aggressively check our social media, and get bombarded by notifications. 

This post will offer you some tools for identifying psychic ability, how to enhance your psychic ability, and potentially expand your understanding of your gifts. Realistically, we all have our own collection of intelligences and intuitions that can vary based on our upbringing, lifestyle, and education. 

Through proper practice, exploration, and greater self-awareness you can cultivate the psychic potential that exists in all of us. 

Light angel magic clairvoyant using amethyst pendulum
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Meet the Clairs 

One good place to begin is to look at the different ways psychic abilities can present themselves. Many call them the clairs because they all have the same root clair meaning “clear to perceive” in French. 


is the ability to see things that have yet to happen or that you couldn’t otherwise see. Clairvoyance can include seeing spirits, auras, and premonitions. Remote viewing is a form of using your intuition to see things outside your field of vision like your apartment when you’re not home or somewhere miles away.  


is the ability to hear things that you otherwise “shouldn’t.” This could be subtle messages from guides, communications with spirits, or intuitive messages. Some clairaudients report that certain sounds they hear provide them with valuable information from their intuition. 


is feeling things. These could be vibrations, energies, or in some cases other people’s emotions or body feelings. The general idea is that you feel information about something or someone in your body. 


is the ability to have a clear concept of touch. It’s often called psychometry. This is when you can touch something and see where it has been or who has touched it. 


is a form of intuitive tasting. This could be the ability to have a phantom taste that alerts you to something or the ability to taste something without having it in your mouth. 


is a form of clear knowing where you know something that you never officially learned or have a really clear awareness of a fact without any reason to know it. 

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There are also other forms of psychic phenomena like channeling spirits or energy, but the clairs offer a clear framework for understanding how psychic abilities can manifest in your body. After all, there’s a reason why it’s often called the sixth sense or extra-sensory perception because you’re picking up on something outside the realm of common human perception. 

Exploring how you may have one, more, or all of the clairs can help you better research and hone your abilities by practicing and testing them. Like any muscle or skill these abilities can grow from practice, repetition, and challenging benchmarks. 

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Protect Your Pineal Gland

Many spiritual enthusiasts point to the bulk of our intuitive abilities tied to the state of our pineal gland. The widely known Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus being pointed to as a look at the pineal gland in a cross-section of the brain.

The organ slightly resembles a pine cone in appearance and is often called the “seat of the soul.” A study into the pineal glands of mediums found that there were similarities between psychotic dissociative episodes but were proved to not be nonpathological. It was also found that mediums have a fast recovery stress response pattern. 

Our pineal gland can develop calcium deposits based on everything from the fluoride in our water to the chemicals in processed foods. Many commit themselves to clean diets in attempts to decalcify their pineal gland. There’s even been study to it as a potential cause or condition of Alzheimer’s disease and migraines. It can also be connected to the decrease of melatonin production and may be tied to aging.  

In addition to trimming your diets of chemicals like fluoride, there’s a few strategies to decalcify your pineal gland like this article

Eat Clean 

The more you can clean your diet of things that keep us in addictive cycles of malnutrition can help you better hone your intuition. In addition to reducing pineal gland calcification, it can also help your gut biome, overall health, and eliminate certain distractions. 

We are addicted to certain substances like sugar, gluten, caffeine, and nicotine. Our body constantly existing in a state of craving can keep us from connecting with ourselves to think clearly. Combined with substances like alcohol or drugs these can warp our perception and keep us in a state where we’re not running clear so we cannot trust our intuition. 

Some also consider a vegan diet as they believe that the fear hormones of dying animals can also influence our general emotional state. Overall, there’s no fault in trying a cleaner or elimination diet to explore what helps your intuition run more clearly. After all, intuition is so much about expanding our mind-body connection. 

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Get to Know Yourself , Man writing on transparent screen
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Know Yourself

The more you can work to better understand yourself the more you can connect to your intuition. Trauma, compartmentalization, and repression can all force us to disintegrate. It’s a natural part of life. However, the more you can reintegrate the various parts of yourself the less likely you are to project onto other people. 

Part of expanding your intuition is to make sure you’re not projecting your own emotions or past onto situations where it isn’t related. However, sometimes our history can give us insight into situations. The more you can fully understand yourself warts and all you can get a clearer picture of what messages you might be channeling or what you may be reading. 

Experiment & Test Yourself

The best place to start is to try. You can train your psychic ability by using your intuition to locate your keys, guess who’s calling when you hear your phone ring, or even guess what number your friends are thinking of. The more time and energy you commit to growing your skills the more strongly you can develop your intuition. 

While there are mentors and different tools like tarot decks, pendulums, and runes there’s a significant amount of trial and error before you get “good.” With practice and challenging yourself you can better hone your intuition and increase your psychic ability. 

Raise Your Vibration 

The more you raise your vibration level, the more you can start to observe stronger intuitive skills. One way you may want to boost your general vibrational level is with a boost of quantum energy. 

Leela Quantum Tech features Blocs that generate pure and powerful quantum energy, which you can use to charge your water and food before consuming it. You can also charge your intuitive tools, like your tarot deck or crystals to ensure they’re at the optimum vibrational level.  By boosting your vibrational level you reach a higher level of consciousness which makes it easier to commune with your intuition. 

They also carry frequency cards which can help you maintain a fixed vibrational level. This can allow you to better hone an understanding of what frequency helps you best enhance your psychic ability. 

Leela Quantum Bloc Leela Infinity Bloc


People can often confuse psychic ability as guessing lottery numbers or making vague warnings. The more you can expand your understanding of your intuition, the more you can enhance your psychic ability and train your psychic gifts.

This is an advancement of our general cognitive abilities and senses and expands our general understanding of our spirits and our energy. Before long, you may find that your psychic potential becomes a psychic gift.


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