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Athletes and Influencers Trust LeelaQ

Achieve Peak Performance With LeelaQ

Did you know that world-class athletes such as Blaine McConnell (Team USA Bobsled), Maggie Voisin, Carson Waters and Danica Patrick are turning to LeelaQ for their training needs and competitive performance? And that’s not all, health and wellness enthusiasts like Dave Asprey and Luke Storey, along with stars like Kat Graham and India Arie, have also been benefiting from LeelaQ’s quantum products.

Speaking of Dave Asprey (the father of biohacking) have you heard one of the latest episodes of Human Upgrade, where he has an in-depth discussion about the benefits of LeelaQ and quantum technology?

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Free your full potential and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with top athletes and influencers by choosing LeelaQ’s innovative quantum products. Whether you’re an elite athlete, fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to enhance your well-being, Leela Quantum Tech has the products you need to access unrealized potential.

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Train Like A World Champion

Many elite athletes, including Olympic medalist Blaine McConnell, pro golfer Alejandra Llaneza, the SLR Honda Motocross team in the USA and safety/super bowl winner Taylor Rapp, use LeelaQ to unlock their full potential and achieve new accomplishments. Other athletes, such as professional freeskier and 3x Olympian Maggie Voisin, 7x Xgames medalist, Kyle Dake, a 3x world champion in wrestling, and the most successful female race car driver of all times Danica Patrick, also benefit from this innovative technology.

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

I’ve been using these Leela Quantum Tech’s products for the past couple years, and continue to be fascinated by how they work.

I became interested at first based on my research into EMF mitigation. I placed them in my home and noticed the energy started to change in subtle ways. A calmer feeling and so on.

Next I started doing experiments on my water, food, and supplements. I found the latter to be so effective that I now keep one on the kitchen island, and use it daily in the ‘assembly line’ to treat everything I prepare.

So what started out as an EMF solution has become an integral part of our lifestyle.

It’s incredible that we live in a time where Quantum (source) energy can be harnessed and concentrated into a device, and then imprinted into anything exposed to it.

Luke Storey
Host of  The Life Stylist Podcast, Writer, Biohacker, and Lifestyle Design Expert

Check out what Dave Asprey, father of biohacking, has to say about LeelaQ

“Infinity Bloc: Charge Any Items”

“EMF neutralizing tool”

“Device to mitigate the blood clotting”

Unlock New Levels of Energy & Focus

Did you know that famous influencers like Brett Knight – a Lyme survivor and influencer, Patti Singer – millionaire matchmaker host, and Serena Poon – a celebrity chef, nutritionist and influencer, are using LeelaQ to boost their performance, harmonize EMF, charge their foods and to just feel better? LeelaQ is also being used by famous biohackers like Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield and even by influencers like Sanela Estrella, who’s mostly known on TikTok for manifestation. 


Tracy Duhs and Isabel Friend, two independent water experts and influencers, Lauren Berlingeri – founder of Higher Dose/Influencer, and Frank Elaridi, a celebrity healer and 4-times Emmy Award winner, also actively use Leela Quantum products and rave about the unique power that lays within them. Dr. Molly, an influencer and functional medicine doctor/author, Sarah Kleiner, a quantum biology influencer, and Dr. Brooke Stuart, a well-known functional medicine doctor, are fans too. Try LeelaQ and boost your performance and well-being the way these influencers have!

Discover Holistic Treatments Trusted By Clinics

Our LeelaQ products offer a safe solution to the harmful effects of EMF while also enhancing your body’s optimal health. Third-party studies prove you can truly harmonize EMF, optimize HRV, improve blood flow, and improve ATP production of the cells with our approved products. We are proud to have earned endorsements from renowned doctors and independent institutes across the globe! In fact, esteemed clinics such as Bay Area Brain Spa, Salt and Light Chiropractic, Quantum Health Hawaii, The Functional Medicine Clinic by Dr. Ashwani Garg in India, Clinic Dr. Ruth Knauss in Germany, and more are already utilizing our products to benefit their patients.

Breaking the Weightlifting World Records with LeelaQ

Blaine McConnell is a remarkable athlete representing both the USA Bobsled Team and the elite CrossFit community. He is on a mission to break two weightlifting world records, and he’s using our products to help get him there.


His goal is to lift 360 lbs in the Snatch, which exceeds the current record of 336 lbs, and to achieve 440 lbs in the Clean and Jerk, which exceeds the current record of 405 lbs. He’s also training for the world record in the high jump out of the stand.

In his training, Blaine relies on our products, including the H.E.A.L.®* Capsule that he wears and a Leela Bloc to support him during his gym workouts.

Instagram: @storipabbi

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I’m so excited to have this quantum energy bloc in my home! Let the healing and harmony begin.


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