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Gaining the trust of our customers is very important to us, regardless of whether it is about the healing benefits and methods or the manufacturing and quality standards of our products. Even though we work closely with people who can see and assess the energetic, physical and spatial advantages of our products precisely, we would like to offer to everyone, the scientific tests and studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and quality of our products. We have had them studied and verified, with various tests carried out through independent test institutes, test subjects and testers worldwide.

These multidimensional aspects are the prerequisite for a really complete quantum space that is not industrially pressed, but free, infinite and energetically beneficial all around. It has not yet been decided whether this product will be offered for purchase in the future. If you are interested, please reach out to us. With a bio-energetic or quantum frequency technology like that of Leela Quantum Tech®, which works at the subatomic level, there is a way of to recognize that it works. Positive physiological results from the use of our products have been demonstrated in a variety of studies and tests using various health measurement techniques. In general, the health parameters of test subjects before and after the presence of electrosmog with and without the use of Leela Quantum Tech® products are measured, and the differences show the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation and the protective effect of Leela Quantum Tech® products.

Although our tests and studies go far beyond the topic of electromagnetic radiation (e.g. measurements of mental and body energy, organ function, neutralization of radioactive particles, pesticides, herbicides, etc.), we would like to emphasize the topic of electromagnetic radiation/electrosmog, as it has become more and increasingly relevant in the last few months and years.

Our complete Leela Quantum clothing collection can be easily tested and verified for its protection effectiveness in relation to electromagnetic radiation. All articles tested, showed a better than 99% antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness, and tests clearly indicated a better than 99% protective effect against electromagnetic radiation (such as 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi). Just as importantly, something that is currently unique in the world, our entire collection is also refined with quantum energy.

dark field microscopy by dr. med. uNIV. Gottfried Schoeler and besa institute

What is a Darkfield Microscopy test?

A Darkfield Microscopy is a blood test in which a drop of blood is taken and looked at immediately using a special form of lighting that allows to see living cells without staining. It provides a look at overall health, microorganisms may be detected, distortions of red blood cells (can reflect nutritional status), and possibly undesirable bacterial or fungal life.

What can Darkfield Microscopy tell you?

Interpretation of the Darkfield can detect early signs of illness from the forms on the slide. Specifically, Darkfield Microscopy reveals distortions of red blood cells, possible undesirable bacterial/fungal/parasitic life forms, inflammation, and immune activity. The general pattern of findings is most revealing of a person’s imbalances. Certain findings or combination of findings may indicate: nutritional deficiency (vitamins/minerals), digestive disorders, infections, hormonal imbalances, immune dysfunction, environmental toxicity, internal toxicity, and/or altered blood pH. The findings in the blood can be seen early in diseases/conditions, sometimes before symptoms appear or before the disease is diagnosable. Early intervention and changes in health habits can alter the course of a person’s health. Darkfield testing can be used to reassess for changes after treatments and/or changes in lifestyle are implemented to monitor progress as well.

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More Darkfield Microscopy studies!

The results from our original Darkfield Microscopy study were so profound that we decided to do more. We worked with Dr. Beverly Rubik to conduct two randomized, blinded, and sham-controlled studies with the Leela Quantum Bloc. The goal of these studies was to test if the Leela Quantum Bloc would protect human subjects from the adverse blood changes caused by exposure to Wi-Fi radiation. The results of both studies show consistent mitigation of the negative blood effects.

Find more info on the two studies below!

Water Structure Study - emoto institute japan

Who is Dr. Masaru Emoto?

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese Scientist who proved that our thoughts and intentions can effect physical matter through his experiments with water. He studied water and how it physically changes when exposed to human sound, thoughts, and intentions.  Dr. Emoto found that water exposed to positive intention would form more “perfect” crystals when frozen and water exposed to negative intentions would form less perfect crystals. Similarly, water from a clean, natural source will have more perfect crystals than a polluted water source. His legacy continues through his son, Hiro Emoto, and the Emoto Institute Japan.  The Emoto Institute teamed up with Leela Quantum Tech® to test some of our products and see their effect on water.

Does Leela Quantum Tech® structure water?

The Emoto Institute Japan tested our products to study and visualize their effect on water. The results show a significant change in distilled water after being exposed to the Leela Quantum Bottle and Quantum Bloc. Here is what Hiro Emoto had to say about our technology:

“The Leela Quantum Bloc improved the energy of water significantly within only 3 minutes. From only one beautiful crystal in the control water, the treated water then had five beautiful crystals. The Leela Quantum Bottle also optimized the water. In 10 minutes, it changed from only one beautiful crystal to three beautiful crystals.”

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Studies by besa & IGEF InstituteS

The Austrian BESA Institute is the leading European research and testing institute on the subjects of biofeedback, bioenergetics and thus bioenergetic system analysis. The test procedure of the BESA seal of approval determines the effects of food and products on the human bio-physical and energy system using a empirical-technical methodology with the help of the BESA device which can be described as an advanced Deka Voll method. The bioenergetic feedback of the person is recorded directly and made measurable. Products that receive the BESA seal of approval have a positive and beneficial effect on human health, well-being and development as a whole. 

The IGEF Institute is the largest independent research and test institute on the subject of electromagnetic fields and electrosmog. It is located in Spain and Ireland.

Certificates by besa & IGEF InstituteS