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Leela Quantum H.E.A.L.® Energy Capsule

$ 145.00$ 295.00

  • Each capsule contains 5 frequency-charged titanium spheres.
  • Crafted from fine brass for optimal frequency transmission.
  • Multifunctional and user-friendly.
  • Equipped with special healing frequencies.
  • Studied and Certified by Besa and IGEF Institutes.
  • The Four Pack option includes four individual H.E.A.L.® Capsules, all included in a single standard purple pouch.


The multi-purpose accessory for every situation.

You can wear the Leela Quantum Capsule like a piece of jewelry around your neck, take it with you in your pocket. The capsule can be filled with up to five titanium balls with frequencies of almost 80 vitamins, minerals and organic plant extracts. 

The Leela Quantum H.E.A.L.® Capsule contains the following frequencies:

– Primal Human Healing Frequencies as well as specific cosmic and Earth healing frequencies
– Primal Water Frequency (the original source of the Earth’s healing water springs)
– Nutritional Biobase frequency (contains almost 80 essential vitamin, mineral and organic plant extract frequencies; the list is in this booklet). 

The H.E.A.L.® Capsule has been researched and tested extensively. The Capsule has a wide range of certificates and research, including BESA (authorized summary, detailed research, and Expert’s report) and IGEF (detailed research and certificate).

H.E.A.L.® is a registered U.S. trademark and means Holistic Experience, Abundance & Love.

Product Feedback

My experience: With great excitement, I recently ordered the H.E.A.L Capsule 4 pack to share with my wife and 2 physician friends. Before I share our experiences, a little background is necessary! I have been a health enthusiast for 20 years, became a certified FDN practitioner in 2020 and have tried numerous supplements and healing modalities over the years. On the energy side, I have tried sacred geometry, singing bowl recordings, many many energy mandalas, scalar wave recordings, acupuncture, DNA activations, BioSignatrues Home Kit and Pendant, SomaVedic, FLFE, BluShield Scalar, and more. I am sure I am forgetting stuff! However, what struck us all was how energizing the H.E.A.L Capsules were. My wife is a nurse and on her feet a lot and she has noticed a palpable uptick in her energy with a new calm in stressful situations. She can move through “stuff” easier without getting triggered. I have personally noticed an uptick in my energy and robustness. And I am finding when I place the Capsule along certain acupuncture points, it improves the energy further and I sense I am getting stronger and stronger. Charged water tastes amazing both for drinking and making coffee. And our two physician friends who are both very intuitive and energy oriented noticed the potency of the capsule right away. And one had to ensure they left it downstairs before going to bed. And we are exploring together how it could help clients move through detox and challenging health situations more easily. All told, super excited to be using the Leela Q Technology, be part of this community, and exploring how we can help others be the best version of themselves so we all can collectively make the world a better place!
Eric S
Hello my Leela Quantum family🙏🏼⚛️❤️ I want to share with you my experience with my H.E.A.L. capsule so far since having it for 1 month. Well first of all it has been a game changer for me. I am quite sensitive to EMFs and environments that are high in EMFs. One thing I have noticed since wearing the capsule I feel way more calm and more serene in high EMF environments. I work in a gym that has 5G towers right at the top so I know that it is a high EMF hotspot. I am very grateful for my H.E.A.L. capsule! Another thing I have been doing with it, is I have been placing it next to my water glass and the water feels way more thick after, so I believe this is an indication of water structuring? Lots of love Andreas🤗
New here - and already love my H.E.A.L. Capsule. It makes me feel more stable and relaxed, I can trust more on my self and healing powers and my body feels recharging —- and for the happiness card - I love it in my pocket, gives me a sparkling frequency of joy and yes remembers me that I always can chose to be happy and it’s easy - thank you for this great opportunities of healing and growing

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Good Vibes and Kind Words

from Our Happy Customers

Melissia B.
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I used your new Leela Q H.E.A.L. card yesterday. It’s really beautiful! Starting with the gorgeous healing purple bag! Such a nice quality! Love the material and design of the card! I held the card against my chest for about 20 min last night and I got very sleepy. I slept so good last night but may not of been a fair test due to how my day went. This morning I took the old HEAL frequency, Happy card, your new HEAL card and several other cards I have made with different frequencies and closed my eyes and muscle tested each card not knowing which one my husband was holding against me.... I tested 3 different times which one was the most beneficial and each time my body picked the new Leela Q H.E.A.L. card. I’m currently charging me a brass capsule with the frequency. Thank you! 🙏❤️
Felix B.
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I’m very impressed with the new Leela quantum capsule and its new H.E.A.L. frequency set. It’s the most powerful capsule I’ve tried so far and I really like it’s brass. A very special product.

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