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Leela Quantum Energy Dog Collar

$ 39.00

  • Handcrafted.
  • Refined with quantum energy.
  • Available in two colors.


The Leela Quantum Tech dog collar comes in two colors and has been charged with special dog healing frequencies and quantum energy so that your beloved four-legged friend feels at ease all day.

Product Feedback

I have a 12 year old heeler mix. She has had an anxiety problem for years. This manifests through licking her legs until they bleed. Through the years she has been on various prescriptions, cbd oil, and topical creams. She is a pro at removing dressings and then licking with a vengeance to make up for lost time. Changing her to an organic dog food did not help. The only intervention that was effective was the cone of shame, but she can't live like that forever. Once the cone came off, she returned to licking her legs. I go her a HEAL collar to see if that might benefit her. I have also been putting her picture in the I-bloc daily. There is some improvement in her wounds. She has been at this for years, so I think this is not going to go away overnight.
Deanna F
Our dear friends very old Shih Tzu "Kata" was struggling and having trouble even walking. The vet thought she may have had a stroke. They feared it might be her time to leave us. I copied our dog's healing frequency from her collar to a key chain ring and told them to fix it to a ribbon around her neck. The next day they called and told us Kata was acting like a puppy and had eaten four times! They felt blessed beyond words. We are all grateful to have been given these wonderful Leela products to experience and share.
Ed Baggerly
I purchased the Leela Dog collar about two and a half weeks ago. The next day after I received it, I drove 18 hours (round trip) in two days to pick up a new puppy. As soon as I set the puppy in my car, she was barking hysterically. I put the dog collar on her, and within about three seconds her entire energy changed. She got silent and calm, yet alert and intuitive. After one week of having her, she doubled her weight and looks so strong! It has been about two weeks of her wearing the collar, and I must say I’ve noticed some profound things. The first night in my house, she howled like a wolf! She already has learned two tricks, hardly barks, and responds to me like she understands everything I’m speaking. Her bark sounds are bold and deep for a puppy, and her energy/energy levels/intuitive side are truly advancing every day. I’m really looking forward to seeing this continue!
Emily Adams

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Small: 1.5 x 23-35CM (currently available only in light grey), Medium: 2.0 x 27-40CM (currently available only in grey-blue), Large: 2.5 x 36-55CM (currently available only in grey-blue)

Good Vibes and Kind Words

from Our Happy Customers

Melissia B.
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I used your new Leela Q H.E.A.L. card yesterday. It’s really beautiful! Starting with the gorgeous healing purple bag! Such a nice quality! Love the material and design of the card! I held the card against my chest for about 20 min last night and I got very sleepy. I slept so good last night but may not of been a fair test due to how my day went. This morning I took the old HEAL frequency, Happy card, your new HEAL card and several other cards I have made with different frequencies and closed my eyes and muscle tested each card not knowing which one my husband was holding against me.... I tested 3 different times which one was the most beneficial and each time my body picked the new Leela Q H.E.A.L. card. I’m currently charging me a brass capsule with the frequency. Thank you! 🙏❤️
Felix B.
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I’m very impressed with the new Leela quantum capsule and its new H.E.A.L. frequency set. It’s the most powerful capsule I’ve tried so far and I really like it’s brass. A very special product.

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