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Stress-Proofing Your Mind: Cognitive Techniques for Work Resilience

Preserving Your Peace While Maintaining Productivity

Life is stressful. The human body has fixed stress responses developed over millennia of evolution. And yet, many things ranging from social media clickbait, our cell phone addictions, overconsumption of caffeine, and a sense of urgency that pervades modern business culture can all give our nervous systems a hit. 

Part of managing modern work lives involves having healthy boundaries and protecting our peace of mind. This is the key to mitigating the stress that can creep up where many people spend the lion’s share of their day. 

This post will offer some ways to help you arm yourself against the everyday stressors that can turn you from a productive part of the workforce to a stressed-out automaton praying for the end of the day. 

Stressed Woman at Work
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Embrace How You Work 

One of the perils of the “shoulds” is believing there is a right way to do things. Spoiler alert: the way you do things is the right way. If you question the way you do things or consistently pathologize the way your brain works or are constantly trying to adjust your workflow you’re not really doing the work. 

This will rob you of valuable productive energy and waste a lot of valuable executive functioning trying to change your natural approach to work. Rather than trying to fit some unrealistic standard of the ideal employee, look at how you work with curiosity and acceptance. This doesn’t mean taking a 4 hour coffee break but if a quick walk or mid-workday workout can amp up your productivity or if you get more work done before lunch, this is valuable information. 

By embracing how you work you ensure that you are working with yourself rather than trying to change what may never change. 

Move Your Body

A sedentary lifestyle is not healthy. It can also lead to a lot of stress. Think about how unhinged your dog might become if you didn’t take him out for a walk. Being chained to our desks not only limits our ability to take mental breaks we desperately need to better solve problems and work more efficiently.

Planning a work break for a workout or even a quick yoga class can help. If that’s not in your time or financial budget, why not try at work yoga or even just some quick yoga breathing? Yoga has been found to help the immune system and impact inflammatory biomarkers

Yoga in nature.
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Boundaries Are a Must

One of the biggest thieves of workplace peace and a big contributor to cubicle drama is a lack of healthy boundaries. Be mindful of when you’re asked to do things outside the purview of your position or when someone asks you to do something that’s their job. There is being a team player and there is also being taken advantage of. 

This is not to increase hostility or conflict in the workplace. However, it’s important to honor your boundaries to ensure that you’re not taking on more than you can handle. Sometimes, we think saying an automatic yes makes us seem more invaluable but if you have a better handle on your resources and can offer realistic expectations of your time management and feasible workload this will help eliminate stress and ensure that you have healthier work relationships.

Boost Your Energy 

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Businessman Behind a Pile of Paperwork
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Resting woman in nature
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Find Moments to Rest and Decompress 

We can often think more is better and that if we constantly look busy or are constantly working we will get more done. It’s actually the opposite. If we are constantly in movement we may often be more likely to make mistakes. If we do not take adequate time to rest or clear our minds from certain tasks our stress will just compound. 

Continued stress impacts our allostatic load, or overall level of stress. If it continues to spike our “stress can snowball because you’re constantly in a state of reactivity.” 

Taking moments to rest, decompress, or even just take a mental break will help our body get back to a less stressed state where we’re actually more likely to be productive and can rejoin tasks with a fresh set of eyes. 


Stress may be a natural part of life but it doesn’t need to be a part of our workday. That’s often a sign that something is not working well. By better taking care of our minds, bodies, and energy we can ensure not only that we are doing our best work but also have a harmonious work environment. 


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