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Infinity Bloc

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  • Harmonize the energy in any homes, restaurants, workspaces, or even large farms.
  • Harmonize and neutralize EMF (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, microwaves, etc.).
  • You can charge any object that fits into an Infinity Bloc with pure, dynamic and powerful quantum energy!
  • You can copy any frequency into any object – in only 10 seconds
  • etc.

Size: 8 x 8 x 9.25 inch (20 x 20 x 23.5 cm)

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  • Food and beverages should be charged for 10-20 seconds maximum.
  • Pharmaceuticals should ideally not be charged or leveraged as a frequency base in the Infinity Bloc. If you want to charge such substances and/or leverage the frequencies and/or neutralize the harmful frequencies in such substances, then please take a look at the Quantum Bloc.
  • We strongly recommend to only upgrade to the second generation infinity bloc within the first 6-12 months. The second genereration infinity bloc is already 7 times stronger than the first – with 4,200 quantum consciousness levels. It is highly recommended to adjust to that and have the environment adjust as well.

Is there a License Agreement?

Yes, there is a license agreement for personal use. We do offer commercial agreements for anyone interested. If you are interested in using the Leela Quantum Technology commercially, you can send an email to info[at]leelaq.com. The Leela Quantum Bloc and Infinity Bloc product design patents and copyrights have been filed for multiple countries, including the US, Europe and Switzerland.

  • Experience the pure and powerful yet harmonious quantum energy produced by a Leela Infinity Bloc! Charge any object including food, water, clothing, jewelry and more! The Infinity Blocs are utilized as both a practical support for health and well being of humans, animals and plants, as well as a tool for Spiritual growth. It’s multidimensional and multi-functional!

Product Feedback

I recently purchased The Q Infinity ; have experienced greater peace & accumulative vibrant wellbeingness. Also had a session where I experienced a release akin to an Emotional Epiphany. I twisted My ankle several weeks ago & put My foot inside the Q. Next morning zero pain & zero swelling. The Cat Loves It Too.!!
Because of restriction and COVID-19, I was away from Taipei which is a big city with a lot of noise. When I am back with the infinity block, I found that the block create a protective and very nice energy field where I could very calmly stay in my house. I feel it‘s like stop the external noise and energy chaos outside, and I even could sleep well which I have difficulty before I have infinity block. And another thing is I feel that my emotions become very calm and didn’t influenced by any things happened in my daily life. I also use the infinity black copy function to copy bag, clothes, hat, masks with the dna protection card, I felt even more safe 😁 It is awesome !
Sirthi C
Another use for the infinity block: I’ve managed to avoid the terrible headache of caffeine withdrawal. I’m not a big drinker of caffeine but have drank it during my busy last two weeks Usually I get a very bad headache when I stop suddenly. This time I have been putting my hand in the IB and also putting my head between the plates. No headache! No horrible feelings
I made some plant labels with copper sticks I charged in the Infinity Bloc. That works great in plant pots and in the garden
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