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Energy Healing Research & Certifications

Research & Certificates

“There is magic in everything. If you learn how to experience it, life is nothing less than a daily miracle. “

Gaining the trust of our customers is very important to us, either from the benefits and methods, or the manufacturing and quality standards of our products. So we have had them studied and verified with various independent test institutes, test subjects and testers worldwide.

While we work closely with people who can see and assess the energetic, physical and spatial advantages of our products precisely, we would like to offer to everyone, the scientific tests and studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and quality of our products as the Quantum Bloc, Infinity Bloc, H.E.A.L. Capsules, Frequency Cards, as well as the quantum t-shirt, jacket, the hats, and hoodies are measured, and the differences show the protective effect of our products. Methods used in tests and studies include but are not limited to dark field microscopy (live blood analysis) by various experienced doctor practices and institutes, advanced Deka Voll methods by the Besa Institute, Bio-Well (registered medical diagnosis device in Europe and Russia), EMF meter testing for all clothing products, Emoto Institute’s water crystal analyses, etc..

Although our tests and studies go far beyond the topic of electromagnetic radiation (e.g. measurements of mental and body energy, organ function, neutralization of radioactive particles, pesticides, herbicides, etc.), we would like to emphasize the topic of electromagnetic radiation/electrosmog, as it has become increasingly relevant in the last few years.

With a bio-energetic technology like that of Leela Quantum Tech®, which works at the subatomic level, there is a way to recognize that it works. Positive physiological results from the use of our products have been demonstrated in a variety of studies and tests using various health measurement techniques. In general, before and after the presence of electrosmog, with and without the use of Leela Quantum Tech® products are measured, and the differences show the protective effect of our products.

Our complete LeelaQ clothing collection is tested and verified for its protection and effectiveness in relation to electromagnetic radiation. All tests clearly indicated a better than 99% protective effect against electromagnetic radiation (such as 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi). And a better than 99% antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness. Just as importantly, something that is currently unique in the world, our entire collection is also charged with quantum energy.

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Dark Field Microscopy Studies by Dr. Med. Univ. Gottfried Schoeler, by the BESA Institute in Europe, and by Dr. Beverly Rubik in the US


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