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Leela Quantum DNA & Cell Protector Card

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Our DNA and our cells are the core of our physical existence, and to strengthen and protect these from potentially harmful substances, influences, and outside forces is key to our overall well-being. Big questions these days are: Have you been or will you get vaxed? Or are you staying away from getting vaxed but are concerned you may take on mRNA etc. from the vaxed? Either way, you may be concerned about keeping your dna and cells pure, strong, and in best possible shape. This high-performance frequency set is a masterpiece which has been developed and tested by the best healer practitioners in our network together, which we’re very grateful for. It’s intended to strengthen and support the body’s systems and performance energetically, and it has been reported by all test persons to increase vitality, clarity and well-being. While each person’s response to outside fields, forces and substances is unique, this frequency set has shown to reduce stress and influence of the same.

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1 Card (= 1 DNA & Cell Protector Card), 4 Pack (= 4 DNA & Cell Protector Cards)