Stylish accessories for a balanced home

Don’t worry if there’s a bad vibe going on in your home. With the help of our Leela Quantum Tech products you can quickly and easily get the energy flowing again. Especially if it’s an energetic imbalance. Devices such as cell phones, computers, televisions and microwaves emit frequencies that can have a negative impact on health and emotional well-being. We offer you a selection of products that protect you and your family or room-mates from electrosmog and harmful radiation, providing you with positive quantum energy.

The human body is very sensitive to energies and frequencies, and if you listen to it carefully, it can be an excellent measuring device for you. Do you know the vague feeling when you enter a room and suddenly feel uncomfortable or struggle to connect with a person or place? Your body is telling you that your environment is not in balance. Leela Quantum Tech products can positively influence the energies in rooms and buildings, furniture and electronic equipment, in your garden and other various objects. The products can also neutralize electrosmog, the influence of water veins, radioactive radiation and other types of negative energy.

You may go for the stylish golden card in credit card-size format, the noble oriental looking coasters or cool drinking bottles, or just browse through our store and get inspired. Discover the possibilities that frequency technology and quantum energy offer, and that people are becoming more aware of every day.