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The Leela Quantum Card

Keep calm and carry your card

The Leela Quantum card is perfect for anyone who likes things straightforward. Thanks to its flat format, you can use it on the go as well as at home. Regardless of whether you want to cleanse your environment of negative energies or want to do something good for yourself with positive frequencies, our card offers you unlimited possibilities. In order to experience its full potential, wear it with the plus side pointing towards the body or oriented towards the object that is to be energetically charged. Experience how the energy of the universe cleanses you and your surroundings and flows through it with healing frequencies and quantum energy.

Stay fit

Are you often tired after lunch and have problems concentrating? Everyday life often demands a lot of energy from us and we feel exhausted before the day is over. If you suddenly feel weak, sit on your Leela Quantum card for 15 minutes (with the plus side facing up). After just a few minutes you should feel how your body is slowly being supplied with new energy and strength.

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Keep up the Spirit

The Leela Quantum card provides you with special energies throughout the day that help you to perceive internal and external events more consciously and to concentrate better. Various test persons reported they were able to concentrate better and study more effectively when sitting on a Leela Quantum card. An advantage that of course benefits students and professionals.

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Enjoy your work

For a study on frequency technology and the influence on susceptibility to stress, supermarket employees wore a quantum energy card on their bodies. After ten days, they reported feeling much more relaxed. Even in the particularly hectic rush days in the run-up to Christmas, they managed to meet unfriendly and annoyed customers with more patience than before. Most of them also said they enjoyed their work more.

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Clean air

With the help of quantum energy you can influence your entire environment and ensure a better quality of life in everyday life. Be it the reduction of electrical, magnetic and electro-magnetic fields (EMF) or the reduction of harmful substances in the air. We are exposed to electromagnetic radiation on a daily basis through devices such as microwaves, cell phones, laptops and televisions. In the long run, this can cause stress symptoms and lead to exhaustion. With the Leela Quantum card in your pocket, you reduce the negative influence of the frequencies in advance and instead fill up with the positive quantum energy your card is charged with.

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Sleep my child, sleep

Did you know that a baby monitor can also emit harmful frequencies? To neutralize this and create positive energy in the nursery, attach the Leela Quantum card with the plus side facing up directly under the baby monitor. Since quantum energy has an energizing effect, the baby bed should be at least one and a half feet away. Then not only can your baby sleep through the night, you can too!

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You are what you eat

Not everything was better in the past, but the quality of our food has clearly declined over the decades. Modern cultivation methods have slowly changed the structure of many foods. Fruits and vegetables in particular have lost their original, intense taste. With the Leela Quantum card you can now bring back that intense flavor! Try it for yourself. Cut a a piece of fruit in half and place one half on your card. After 30 minutes, try a piece of the non charged half, then try a piece of the charged half, and you will taste the difference! Wine lovers tested the effect with a glass of red wine that had previously been charged with the Leela Quantum card without their knowledge. They all noticed that the charged wine tasted rounder and found it less acidic. We toast that!

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Use technology smart

It’s now easy to make your home EMF-free. Attached under the wireless router, the Leela Quantum card restructures the electromagnetic waves of the Internet and placed next to a printer, computer or telephone you can prevent the negative frequencies from disrupting the energy balance in any room.

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